Deer Trail, Colorado

Deer Trail, Colorado Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to SMBER.COM, Deer Trail, Colorado is a small town located in the eastern plains of Colorado. The town is bordered by several neighboring towns and cities, each offering their own unique attractions and activities. To the north lies Strasburg, a historic farming community with plenty of small-town charm. Strasburg features a number of historical buildings, including the old Strasburg High School and the historic St. John’s Lutheran Church. The city also offers an array of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, hiking trails, and more.

Heading east from Deer Trail is Byers, an old railroad town that is home to several historic buildings including the Byers Depot Museum and the Byers Opera House. Visitors can explore these structures along with other buildings in this quaint town while enjoying outdoor activities such as horseback riding or golfing at one of its two courses.

To the south lies Bennett, which offers visitors a variety of attractions such as its historic downtown area where they can find shops selling antiques and collectibles as well as other unique stores like a vintage clothing store or a craft brewery. Bennett also features a number of parks for outdoor recreation like camping, fishing, boating or bird watching.

Going west from Deer Trail you’ll find Limon which boasts its own unique attractions like its restored train depot that now serves as a museum showcasing local history or its Limon Railroad Park that features a model train display and even live steam locomotives. The city also has plenty of outdoor activities such as biking trails or hiking along its nature trails.

Finally, heading northwest from Deer Trail you’ll come across Agate which offers visitors plenty of fun things to do such as exploring its historic downtown area full of shops and restaurants or simply enjoying some time outdoors at one of its many parks featuring playgrounds and picnic areas for families to enjoy together.

Overall, Deer Trail provides visitors with plenty to do in all directions. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor recreation activities or just want to explore some local history there are numerous towns bordering it that offer something for everyone.

Deer Trail, Colorado

Population of Deer Trail, Colorado

Deer Trail, Colorado is a small town located in Arapahoe County, with a population of 562 people as of 2019. The town has a rural feel and is surrounded by rolling hills and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Deer Trail is known for its friendly community and small-town vibe.

The majority of the population in Deer Trail identifies as white, making up around 86 percent of the total population. Other ethnic groups in the area include Hispanic or Latino (7.2 percent), African American (3 percent), Native American (0.5 percent), Asian (0.5 percent) and other races (2.9 percent).

The median age in Deer Trail is 43 years old, with roughly 22% of the population being under 18 years old and 13% being over 65 years old. The median household income in Deer Trail is $51,000 per year, slightly lower than the national average income of $55,322 per year.

The majority of people living in Deer Trail are employed in blue-collar occupations such as farming or construction work. There are also many people who work in administrative positions or professional jobs such as lawyers, doctors and engineers due to the nearby universities and medical centers located near Denver International Airport which is only an hour away from Deer Trail.

Deer Trail has a low crime rate compared to other towns across America; however there have been reports of theft from vehicles parked on public streets or at businesses so it’s important to be aware when visiting this area.

Overall, Deer Trail has a friendly atmosphere that makes it an enjoyable place to live for those who prefer small-town living while still having access to big city amenities nearby such as shopping malls and restaurants located within an hour away from this rural area.

Schools and Education of Deer Trail, Colorado

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.COM, Deer Trail, Colorado is home to two schools, Deer Trail Elementary School and Deer Trail High School. The school district serves the student population of the small town and also provides educational opportunities for those living in the surrounding rural areas.

Deer Trail Elementary School serves students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, with a total enrollment of around 240 students. The school focuses on providing a safe learning environment for its students while also encouraging them to reach their highest potential. The school has a highly experienced and dedicated faculty that works hard to ensure that all students receive an excellent education.

Deer Trail High School is a public high school serving grades 6-12 with an enrollment of approximately 250 students. The high school offers a variety of classes and activities including art, music, sports and vocational courses. Students can also participate in extracurricular activities such as band, choir and theater programs which provide additional opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.

The Deer Trail School District offers excellent educational opportunities for its students by providing them with access to technology such as computers and other digital resources that can help enhance their learning experience. The district also provides after-school tutoring programs that are available at no cost to families who need assistance with their child’s academic progress or need additional help with homework assignments or studying for exams.

In addition to providing quality education within the classroom setting, Deer Trail also places emphasis on extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and other organizations which allow students to explore their interests outside of academics while developing interpersonal skills such as teamwork and communication skills.

Overall, Deer Trail is committed to providing its student body with an exceptional educational experience by offering them access to advanced technology within the classroom setting as well as engaging extracurricular activities outside of it.

Landmarks in Deer Trail, Colorado

Deer Trail, Colorado is a small town located in the eastern part of the state. The town is situated on the High Plains at an elevation of 4,639 feet and is home to just over 500 residents. The area is known for its wide open spaces and beautiful scenery, with rolling hills and wide plains stretching out as far as the eye can see.

One of the most prominent landmarks in Deer Trail is the old Santa Fe railroad depot. Built in 1887, this two-story brick building served as a hub for travelers coming in and out of town by train. It now serves as a museum that houses artifacts from the early days of Deer Trail, including photographs and other memorabilia from its past.

Another landmark that has become synonymous with Deer Trail is its iconic water tower. This towering structure stands at an impressive height of over 100 feet tall and has been a symbol of pride for locals since it was constructed in 1910. It still serves its original purpose by providing water to the entire town, but it also provides a stunning view from atop its wooden observation deck.

The historic downtown district of Deer Trail is another popular destination for visitors to explore while they’re in town. This area features several 19th-century buildings that have been beautifully restored to their original state, including an old saloon, livery stable and blacksmith shop that all help to give visitors a glimpse into what life was like when Deer Trail was first established more than one hundred years ago.

The town’s most famous landmark however has to be none other than the “World’s Largest Cowboy Boot” which stands proudly at 12 feet tall outside of one of Deer Trail’s local businesses. This eye-catching monument was built back in 1992 as part of a celebration honoring the town’s heritage and continues to draw visitors from all over who come to take pictures with this unique piece of art.

No matter what brings you to Deer Trail, there are plenty of iconic landmarks around town that will make your visit memorable. From historic buildings and breathtaking views atop its water tower, to unique attractions like The World’s Largest Cowboy Boot – there’s something here for everyone.