Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio


City in the United States
State Ohio
County Cuyahoga County
Coordinates 41°28’56″N, 81°40’11″WL
Surface 213.60 km²
– country 201.25 km²
– water 12.35 km²
(April 1, 2020)
(1852 inhabitant/km²)
– agglomeration 2,881,937 (2010)
Mayor Justin Bibb (D)

According to indexdotcom, Cleveland is the second largest city in the northeastern US state of Ohio, after the centrally located capital Columbus. The city has a population of 390,928 (2012) and an agglomeration of more than two million people, the largest in Ohio. Cleveland is located on the coast of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes between the US and Canada.


Cleveland Skyline

The town was founded in 1796 by General Moses Cleaveland who surveyed the area and designed the settlement plan. Cleaveland grew into one of the largest cities in the United States over the next century. Its location on Lake Erie made the city accessible to ocean-going vessels, and the hinterland covered Ohio and large parts of the surrounding states. The city was also a center of industry.

The decline started after the Second World War. The states on the Pacific (West Coast) made a stronger economic gain than the Midwest and the more mobile people got tired of the climate with its harsh winters. The city, like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint, experienced a slump and economic downturn.

Despite this, Cleveland is still a large city, with multiple universities, such as Cleveland State and Case Western Reserve University, a major symphony orchestra, and a wonderful art collection housed in the Cleveland Museum of Art. In addition, there is a basketball, baseball, and American football stadium, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and several important companies. The city is served by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for air traffic.


Cleveland has three sports clubs that compete in one of the top four American professional sports. It’s about:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball)
  • Cleveland Indians (baseball)In addition
  • Cleveland Browns (American football)

Town twinning

  • Proud (Albania)
  • Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • Rouen (France)

Cleveland, Ohio