Casablanca, Morocco

Cities and Resorts in Morocco


The city of Essaouira with a population of 70 thousand people is located 442 km from Rabat, 176 km from Marrakech, and 351 km south of Casablanca. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco.

Essaouira is a magnificent Mediterranean resort, reminiscent of those in Spain, with a unique oriental flavor and a rich historical past.
Essaouira is music that sounds from everywhere, the aroma of fried fish, the hubbub of seagulls. These are narrow streets with white houses and blue shutters, camels wandering along the ocean against the backdrop of a sunset of extraordinary beauty. In Essaouira, you can feel the true atmosphere of freedom, romance, relaxedness and comfort, many artists live here. No city in Morocco has so many art salons and art galleries.

According to itypejob, Essaouira is a real paradise for photographers. A significant part of the property of the city was acquired by foreigners from America and Europeans, who once appreciated all the charm of this city and do not want to part with it for a long time. In summer, residents of many central regions of Morocco, especially Marrakesh, come here to escape the heat. Windsurfers are especially pleased that strong winds blow from the Atlantic in Essaouira, as it is located on a cape. On the local coast, the highest waves and a light constant breeze. For swimmers, these places are inconvenient because swimming turns into a real swing on the waves, the water temperature is low even in summer, and the breeze easily turns into sunburn.

In Essaouira, it is difficult to resist buying furniture made here from thuja and other precious woods, but it should be remembered that, in a climate different from the humid climate of Essaouira, these things can crack or warp.

Essaouira is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Marrakesh is an imperial city, the Berber capital of central Morocco with luxurious palaces and flowering gardens, oriental bazaars and beautiful mosques.

Bahia Palace with shady courtyards, fountains and orange trees, overshadows all other palaces of the kingdom with its beauty.

Also worthy of attention are the El Badi Palace, the Koutoubia Mosque, Jema al Fna Square, the Majorelle Garden.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a large mountain system in northwest Africa, stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco through Algeria to the coast of Tunisia.


Ouarzazate – African Hollywood – a city in the vicinity of which caravan routes once passed deep into the Black Continent. It is here that numerous mysterious medieval fortresses made of sand, clay and straw, called kasbahs, spread across the most bizarre landscapes. The famous Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, for its inimitability, has long been chosen by world filmmakers and used as scenery when shooting the films “Gladiator”, “Prince of Persia. The Sands of Time”, “Lawrence of Arabia” and many others.


Tafraout is a small cozy town, unique in its originality, located in the Anti-Atlas mountains. This high-rise settlement is tempting not with ancient buildings and cultural monuments, but with the picturesque surroundings with breathtaking mountain landscapes. Tafraout is famous for its pink granite stones that form bizarre mountains, Berber villages surrounded by flowering or fruiting almond and argan trees, and the tranquility and tranquility of the Moroccan hinterland.

Legzira beach

Legzira Beach is a deserted beach of rare beauty, which is located far from populated areas, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and where you can rarely meet people, especially tourists. Legzira is unique in its architecture, namely the huge arches descending from the rocky cliffs into the ocean.


Agadir is the most promoted and popular Moroccan city among Russian tourists. This is a modern resort with a high level of service, including numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes, casinos and discos, and, of course, SPA centers based on traditional cosmetics from the fruits of an amazing argan tree, so loved by goats in the vicinity of Tafraout and Essaouira. The location of the city and the climate of this area is most favorable for swimming in the ocean. Strong winds are rare here and the temperature on the coast warms up to comfortable values ​​​​for swimming and sunbathing.


Essaouira is an amazing and different city, a haven for artists, artisans, extremely photohygienic and soaked through with relaxation. You can get around the Medina in a couple of hours, but despite this, it is charming in its own way. Aged by the wind, salt and sun, the monolithic white walls are diluted with the rhythm of bright blue shutters and doors.

The port is one of the most interesting places in Essaouira, where fishermen return with their catch, each ship surrounded by its own flock of seagulls. The port is full of fishing life. A huge number of blue wooden boats and small ships, fish, nets, ice and all this is repaired, moved, transported and carried in different directions by small carts and wooden boxes. Right there in the port, local residents buy the freshest seafood.


Casablanca is a city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, whose romantic image is supported by the legendary film that immortalized it and the famous song by Jessica Jay. Here you can stroll through the old colonial center of the city, admire the lush and once majestic buildings. The city’s Hassan II Mosque is the tallest religious building and the second largest mosque in the world after Mecca.

Casablanca, Morocco