Yosemite National Park

United States Landmarks

The United States of America consist of fifty states. The capital Washington DC is located in the east of the country. Since the discovery by Columbus in the fifteenth century, America has developed quite a bit. The country does not have real old cities such as Rome and Vienna. But in terms of nature, this […]

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Sights of Utah, United States

Utah is a western US state that lies between Nevada and Colorado. Utah has some typical features that you don’t find in other states. For example, it is part of the only four-state point in the United States known as “Four Corners.” Here the regions of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. And Utah […]

Historic Downtown Snohomish

Landmarks of Washington, United States

Washington is located in the northwest of the country and should not be confused with Washington DC. In this state you will be overwhelmed by the rugged nature, landscapes and mountains instead of by the presidential residence. Washington has to confess its multiple in the city of Seattle which has more than 7 million inhabitants. […]