Brutal 10-Minute Video Call Google Glass the Worst Product Ever

There shall be no fingers in between when the dissatisfaction it has been for Geek Beats to test Google Glass must be described.

We have here on the mobile side followed the development and launch of Google Glass, however, without even having had them in their hands. Geek Beats has dedicated one of their section on YouTube to Google Glass product, and the result is simply a brutal 10-minute list of things that makes the otherwise hyped glasses simply don’t work.

Host John Pozadzides says that this is the first time Geek Beats has dedicated an entire section to a product as they do not recommend, but makes an exception because he would wish that someone had warned him before he spent over $ 2,000 on a few rather useless glasses.

Immediate disappointment

It works quite simply, not as if he has found some positive elements, they were too heavy to be comfortable and we felt that they would fall by just by bending it forward. The battery life is, he describes as “nothing short of a horrible” since they can’t keep running for more than a few hours, and it is if you do not take pictures or record video.

He also uses the terminology “crash-tastic” because he too often experienced that the glasses simply did not respond to commands.

Finally, think Podzazides that we purely technological is approximately ten years from a few decent glasses, and that for the vast majority of people would be a mistake to buy these glasses. The video is definitely worth a look, watch it below.