Boost Your Career with an MBA

Boost Your Career with an MBA

According to studies by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), business school graduates are highly employable and credit from their MBA scores gives them the opportunity to advance in their careers.

So in this article we introduce you –¬†Five reasons why an MBA is a good idea to complement and boost your career.

Boost Your Career with an MBA

It can boost your career

Nearly 3 in 4 alumni (71%) graduates said they could not have gotten their job without the knowledge and skills gained through their graduate management education.

92% attribute their graduate education to the development of their quantitative skills.

Open the door to the highest paying jobs

This is a very powerful reason for wanting to take an MBA , since there will be employment opportunities for you outside your country, and within it, not to mention it.

Below we present the countries where you could be requested and the percentage;

Asia-Pacific: Consulting (26%), Finance and Accounting (26%)

India: Technology (28%), Consulting (25%)

Africa / Middle East: products and services (39%), technology (17%)

Europe: Consulting (32%), products and services (21%)

Canada: Consulting (33%), Finance and Accounting (22%)

United States: Products and services (19%), finance and accounting (16%)

A graduate business education is valuable

The investment you make already makes it valuable, as well as the time and effort it takes to complete an MBA , but the rewards make having a graduate degree more valuable.

A graduate business degree brings multiple rewards

It is a good investment that will benefit you in three main areas;

  • Professionally
  • Personally
  • Financially

Demand for business school talent is strong

80% of employers surveyed said they planned to hire MBA graduates this year, compared to 73% of employers last year, indicating that the demand for MBA graduates is growing and more and more people require professionals with the skills that the MBA program offers you.

Career choices and financial decisions

While it is true that time cannot be turned back, we have the ability to think and weigh each of the important decisions that we must make throughout our lives, this same principle applies to those career choices and financial decisions . And it is these that define the result of certain situations and even the smallest of them can represent a great change in our professional future.

How do your career choices impact your financial decisions?

Many of us make the decision of which career to study based on the economic results that it can bring us, and most likely, and with a view to this horizon, this is a smart move but are you willing to live a lifetime aimed at obtaining a good salary?

The reality is that this can cause you many problems later, it is for this reason that it is advisable to balance the economic benefits that a career decision can bring, but also always seek to learn more and polish your skills.

This may sound like the choice between the long road and the short road, on the one hand starting on the right foot and filling your bank account quickly, working in a recognized institution and gradually climbing waiting for opportunities to open up, but in This type of situation sometimes takes more than we expect and many times it does not happen due to the business model they handle.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to join new projects or medium-sized enterprises where the economic retribution may not be the most impressive but where you can take decisive roles and learn from the experiences that these entail.

In this way, you acquire experience that can only be obtained in the professional field and for your next project you can aspire to fill a position that requires greater responsibilities and therefore, a greater economic reward and thus scale your career.

Everything is a matter of keeping in mind where we want to go and how we want to do it, since each decision, no matter how small it may seem, will have an impact on our life.