Belknap County, New Hampshire

Belknap County, New Hampshire Demographics

Belknap County, New Hampshire is a county located in the southeastern part of the state. It is bordered by Carroll, Strafford, Merrimack, and Grafton counties. The county spans 844 square miles and has a population of 60,088 as of 2020.

Geographically, Belknap County is divided into two distinct parts – the Lakes Region and the White Mountains Region – each with its own unique characteristics. The Lakes Region covers most of the southern portion of the county and consists mainly of rolling hills and small lakes. Its terrain includes numerous small mountains such as Mount Major and Bald Knob. In contrast, the White Mountains Region in the northern part of Belknap County is much more rugged with higher elevations and steeper slopes. This region includes parts of both Franconia Notch State Park and White Mountain National Forest.

The weather in Belknap County varies greatly depending on which region you’re in. In general though, summers tend to be warm with temperatures reaching an average high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius) while winters are typically cold with temperatures dropping to an average low near 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). Precipitation is fairly common throughout the year although it tends to be heavier during spring and fall months when thunderstorms are more frequent.

Despite its relatively small size, Belknap County has a diverse population that includes people from all walks of life. The largest cities in the county are Laconia (population 17,000) and Franklin (population 8,400). Other towns include Gilford (population 4,100), Tilton (population 3,900), Alton (population 2,700), Barnstead (population 1,700), Sanbornton (population 1,200), Center Harbor (population 1,000), Gilmanton Iron Works (population 800), Meredith Village (population 400) among others.

Belknap County offers a wide variety of attractions that appeal to visitors from all over New England including ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts; endless miles of hiking trails for outdoor adventurers; quaint towns filled with unique shops for shoppers; pristine lakes perfect for swimming or fishing; historic sites such as Fort Foster for history buffs; plus plenty more. With its diverse geography ranging from mountains to lakes to forests to charming towns there’s something here for everyone no matter what your interests may be.

Belknap County, New Hampshire

Economy of Belknap County, New Hampshire

The economy of Belknap County, New Hampshire is diverse and has been steadily growing over the years. The county is home to a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to tourism, which provide employment opportunities for its citizens. The manufacturing sector is particularly strong in the county and includes firms such as Laconia Machine Company, Franklin Tool & Die, and Gilford Manufacturing. These companies specialize in a variety of products including automotive parts, aerospace components, medical devices, and machine tools.

Tourism is also an important contributor to the economy of Belknap County. Its natural beauty makes it a popular destination for hikers, campers, kayakers, fishermen, snowmobilers and more. The region also contains numerous ski resorts that attract visitors from all over New England during the winter months. Additionally, many people come to visit historic sites such as Fort Foster or take part in cultural events like the Laconia Motorcycle Week or the Annual Barnstead Fair.

The retail sector is also an important part of Belknap County’s economy with numerous stores located throughout its cities and towns. These stores offer a wide range of products including apparel, electronics, sporting goods and more. In addition to this there are many restaurants that serve both local cuisine as well as international dishes that appeal to tourists from all over the world.

Finally, agriculture plays an important role in Belknap County’s economy as well with many farms scattered throughout its rural areas producing fruits vegetables dairy products eggs and other items for local consumption as well as export markets around the world. This includes everything from apples grown at Apple Hill Orchards in Gilmanton Iron Works to beef produced at Whittier Farms in Sanbornton to maple syrup produced at Maple Grove Farm in Laconia among others.

Belknap County’s economy is diverse with something for everyone whether you’re looking for employment or just looking for something fun to do on your day off.

Libraries in Belknap County, New Hampshire

According to babyinger, Belknap County, New Hampshire is home to a number of wonderful libraries that serve the needs of its citizens. These libraries provide access to a variety of resources including books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials and more. They also offer a range of services such as computer access, literacy programs and more.

The Belknap County Public Library System consists of seven member libraries located throughout the county. These include the Belmont Public Library in Belmont, the Gilford Public Library in Gilford, the Laconia Public Library in Laconia, the Meredith Public Library in Meredith, the Sanbornton Public Library in Sanbornton, and the Tilton-Northfield Public Library in Tilton-Northfield. Each library offers its own unique collection of materials and services that are tailored to meet the needs of its local community.

In addition to these seven libraries there are also several smaller branch libraries located throughout Belknap County as well. These include branches at schools such as Alton Central School and Moultonborough Academy; community centers such as Barnstead Town Hall; and other locations like Gilmanton Iron Works Town Hall or Plymouth State University’s Lamson Library.

The main mission of all these libraries is to provide access to information for all citizens of Belknap County regardless of age or income level. To this end they offer a wide variety of services including storytime for children; book clubs for adults; computer classes for seniors; research help for students; and much more. In addition they host special events such as author visits or film screenings throughout the year that bring people together from across Belknap County and beyond.

Belknap County has an excellent library system that serves its citizens well with a variety of materials and services available at each location. Whether you’re looking for a place to read your favorite book or need help finding information on a particular topic these libraries can be an invaluable resource.

Landmarks in Belknap County, New Hampshire

According to DIRECTORYAAH, Belknap County, New Hampshire is home to many beautiful and unique landmarks. From historic sites to stunning natural attractions, this county has something for everyone.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Belknap County is the Belknap Mill in Laconia. Built in 1823, this five-story structure is one of the oldest surviving examples of a nineteenth-century industrial building in all of New England. Today, it houses a museum which features artifacts from its past as well as exhibits about local history and culture. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the mill and learn more about its fascinating history.

Another popular attraction is the Weirs Beach Boardwalk. This quarter-mile long boardwalk stretches along Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee and provides visitors with stunning views of the lake and mountains beyond. It’s lined with shops, restaurants, arcades, and other attractions that make it a great spot to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family.

The Castle in the Clouds is also an attraction worth visiting while in Belknap County. Located on 1,400 acres of land atop Ossipee Mountain, this estate was built by Thomas Gustave Plant in 1914 as his summer home. Today, it’s open for tours so visitors can explore its many rooms which are filled with antiques and art from around the world. The grounds are also open to explore where guests can take a walk through forests and meadows or visit the waterfall garden which features more than 100 varieties of plants and flowers native to New Hampshire.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities during your visit to Belknap County there are plenty of options available to you as well. Kayaking on Lake Winnipesaukee or hiking one of the many trails around Squam Lake are both popular activities in this area while fishing enthusiasts will find plenty of good spots throughout Belknap County too.

No matter what type of attraction you’re looking for during your visit to Belknap County there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone here. From historic sites like The Castle in The Clouds to outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing, there’s something for everyone here so come explore all that Belknap County has to offer.