Koh Kood, Thailand

Bangkok and Koh Kood, Thailand


Bangkok is the modern capital of Thailand. In 1782, Rama I, the first king of the new and now ruling Chakri dynasty, founded a new capital on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in the village of Bangkok – in translation – “Wild Plum Village”. The city is located on the Central Plain of Thailand. The most beautiful Buddhist temples of Asia, the royal palace, flowering gardens, numerous canals – all this amazes the imagination of tourists, Bangkok is also called the Asian Venice – because of the abundance of water channels penetrating the city like arteries. The city is especially beautiful at night with many highlights, if you get to know Bangkok on an evening cruise, or from the observation platform of high-rise hotels. Now Bangkok is a metropolis of 7 million, in which every tenth inhabitant of Thailand lives. Here are the royal residence, the administration and the government of the country.

Bangkok Attractions:

The Royal Palace is the most significant attraction, along with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). The architecture of the palace ensemble is a vivid example of the magnificent craftsmanship of the Thai people. The National Museum is of world importance.

One of the significant repositories of art monuments in Southeast Asia. Wat Pho – the temple of the reclining Buddha – the center of meditation and the first school of Thai massage. The central figure that glorified the temple to the whole world is the statue of the reclining Buddha. Wat Arun – the temple of dawn – the building of the VIII century, was erected in honor of the goddess of dawn Aruna. The most amazing piece of architecture.

Wat Saket – the temple of the golden mountain – was erected on an artificial mountain, personifying the symbol of Buddhism, Mount Meru, crowned with a golden tower 58 meters high.

Wat Traimit – the Temple of the Golden Buddha – is located in Chinatown and houses one of the seven wonders of the world – the golden Buddha statue.

The Royal Boat Museum is an open-air floating museum displaying royal vessels in the form of long rowing boats.

Vimanmek – a palace made of teak wood – a valuable representative of Thai architecture was built without a single nail.

The Floating Market is a scenic attraction in Bangkok that can only be reached by boat.

Baiyoke Sky is the tallest building in Bangkok. Its height is 304 meters with 84 floors.

Lumphini night bazaar – a quarter where souvenir shops, restaurants, all kinds of shops are located.

Patpong naight bazaar – located very close to the skytrain station. Numerous shops, shops, restaurants have found shelter here.

Dream World – the pride of Thailand – Disneyland.

Ocean World – Thai aquarium.


According to smber, Kood Island is located in the southeast of Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand, 70 km from Trat province and 390 km from Bangkok. The closest famous resort to Kood Island is Chang Island.

Rest on Koh Kood is silence and solitude. Since this is a young resort, the flora and fauna have hardly been affected and are in their original form. 70% of the territory is occupied by mountains covered with forests. The rest are plantations of coconuts and rubber, which are grown by local residents.

The beaches of Koh Kood are some of the cleanest in this part of Thailand. And this is not surprising, because the island is located in the open sea at a great distance from the mainland and there are almost no transport roads, which means cars that pollute the environment. Most locals and tourists move around on motorcycles.

Kood beaches are different, one of the most famous is Bang Bao, where there are several hotels and bars and some types of water activities are available, mainly kayaking. Despite the popularity and relative crowding of the beach, life here stops at sunset, only quiet reggae sounds from the bars. Lovers of beautiful landscapes will appreciate Taphao Beach. Many people come here specifically to watch the sunsets.
For those who want to sunbathe and swim all alone, we recommend the beaches of Ao Phrao, Maputh and Ta Khian.

For lovers of scuba diving, there is Laem Tian beach – the best place on the island for diving.

Attractions of Kood Island, mostly of natural origin:

– Nam Tok Klong Chao waterfall. In addition to its beauty, it is famous for the fact that Rama VI stayed here in 1911.

– Khlong Yai Ki waterfall. Here you can refresh yourself in the lake with fresh water, which is located at the foot;

– the Dton Mai Yai tree, which is over 500 years old;

– Khlong Mad temple. Open to everyone;

– coconut and rubber plantations;

Excursions to Kud are few. Basically, these are trips around the island and to the neighboring islands – Mak, Vai and Chang.

Climate: The best time to organize your holiday on Kood is November-March. During this period, there is practically no rain, the sea is calm, the sun shines brightly, and the temperature rarely exceeds 30 degrees. The rest of the time there is more rainfall, but in general, tours to Kood are popular at any time of the year. The sea temperature is constant and is 27-29 degrees.

How to get there: From the mainland, from Laem Ngop Pier, ferries to the island run daily. Travel time is 3-4 hours. Laem Ngop can be reached from Bangkok in the following ways:

  1. By plane Bangkok-Trat. Flight time is 1 hour. Tuk-tuks go from Trat directly to the pier (20-30min).
  2. Bus Bangkok-Trat. Travel time from 5 hours.
  3. Minibus (minibus) Bangkok-Lai Ngop. Travel time 5 hours.

Koh Kood, Thailand