Baker, Louisiana

Baker, Louisiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to agooddir, Baker, Louisiana is a small city located in East Baton Rouge Parish, just north of the state capital of Baton Rouge. The city is bordered to the north by Central City and to the east by Zachary. To the south lies the city of Baker and to the west are Greenwell Springs and St. Gabriel. With a population of around 13,000 people, Baker is a vibrant community that offers an abundance of amenities and attractions for both locals and visitors alike.

In terms of culture, Baker has plenty to offer with several museums, theaters, galleries and more in town. The Louisiana State Museum is located within city limits and provides visitors with an insight into the history of Louisiana through its various exhibits and artifacts. Additionally, there are several live music venues such as Red Dragon Music Hall where local bands perform regularly. For art lovers, there are galleries such as Gallery 1412 which showcases works by local artists from all over East Baton Rouge Parish.

In terms of recreation, Baker has plenty to offer with several parks in town including Crocodile Park which features a playground for children as well as walking trails for adults looking to take in some fresh air. Additionally, there are several golf courses in town such as Bellewood Country Club where locals can practice their swing or enjoy a round with friends.

For those looking for shopping opportunities or places to eat out Baker has plenty on offer too with several malls and shopping centers scattered throughout town featuring everything from clothing stores to restaurants serving up delicious cuisine from all over the world. Additionally, there are numerous cafes throughout downtown offering coffee and pastries perfect for grabbing a quick bite or meeting up with friends on weekends.

Overall, Baker is an ideal destination for those looking for entertainment or educational pursuits alike due to its plethora of museums, galleries and other attractions scattered throughout town. With its abundance of amenities both locals and visitors alike can find something interesting here no matter what they’re looking for!

Baker, Louisiana

Population of Baker, Louisiana

Baker, Louisiana is a vibrant city with a population of approximately 13,000 people. It is located in East Baton Rouge Parish and is bordered to the east by Zachary and to the south by St. Gabriel.

The population of Baker is diverse and made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The majority of the population are African-American (63%), followed by White (27%), Hispanic (7%), Asian (2%) and other races (1%). The median age for residents in Baker is 34 years old, which is slightly lower than the national average. Additionally, more than half of the population hold at least one college degree or higher (53%).

The workforce in Baker consists mostly of professionals, managers, sales & office workers, transportation & material movers, production & construction workers and service providers. The largest industries in Baker are healthcare & social assistance, educational services, retail trade and manufacturing.

Baker also has a large number of families living within its limits with over 40% of residents living in family households. The median household income for Baker residents is $41,000 – slightly lower than the national average – while the poverty rate stands at 24%.

Overall, Baker has a diverse population that includes a mix of different cultures and backgrounds that makes it an interesting place to visit or live. With its abundance of amenities both locals and visitors alike can find something interesting here no matter what they’re looking for!

Schools and Education in Baker, Louisiana

Baker, Louisiana is served by the East Baton Rouge Parish School System and is home to a variety of different educational options. The public school system in Baker consists of 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools. In addition to the traditional public school system, there are a number of charter schools, private schools and parochial schools available for those looking for an alternative education.

The public schools in Baker strive to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for college and career readiness. All of the public schools in Baker offer a variety of core academic classes such as math, science, social studies and English, as well as elective courses such as art, music, technology and physical education. Additionally, many of the public schools in Baker also offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes for students who are looking for more challenging coursework.

For those interested in higher education opportunities there are several colleges located nearby including Louisiana State University (LSU), Southern University at Baton Rouge (SUBR) and Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC). LSU is the flagship campus of Louisiana’s state universities and offers undergraduate degrees in over 80 different fields as well as graduate degrees in over 60 fields. SUBR offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs while BRCC offers associate degrees in over 30 different areas of study.

In addition to traditional colleges and universities there are also several other educational opportunities available in Baker such as vocational training centers, adult education classes and language courses. These offerings provide individuals with the opportunity to further their education or skill set without having to leave their local area.

Overall, Baker provides its residents with quality educational opportunities that can help prepare them for college or career readiness no matter what their individual goals may be. With its abundance of amenities both locals and visitors alike can find something interesting here no matter what they’re looking for!

Places of Interest in Baker, Louisiana

Baker, Louisiana is a vibrant city located just 10 miles north of Baton Rouge. It’s a charming town with plenty of amenities to keep residents and visitors alike busy. From its many parks, museums, and historical sites to its great restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, Baker has something for everyone.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Baker has an abundance of parks and recreation areas to choose from. These include the popular City Park which features walking trails and picnic areas as well as a playground for children. There is also the Baker Community Center which provides a variety of recreational activities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and more. Additionally, nearby Lake Charles offers swimming areas and fishing spots where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

The city also boasts several museums including the Louisiana State Museum at Baton Rouge which houses artifacts from both ancient and modern times. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year such as art exhibits, lectures, concerts and more. Other attractions in Baker include the Old City Hall Building which is home to local government offices as well as historic artifacts from past eras in Baker’s history.

For those interested in shopping there are plenty of options in Baker with several malls located throughout the city including Mall St Vincent which features over 100 stores ranging from designer boutiques to department stores. Additionally, there are numerous specialty shops located downtown offering unique items such as antiques and vintage clothing items.

Finally, there are plenty of entertainment venues in Baker including movie theaters, bowling alleys and live music venues that provide locals with numerous opportunities to enjoy their free time however they choose! With all these great amenities it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy living in or visiting this vibrant city!