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Attractions of Detroit, United States

Detroit is located in the state of Michigan and is separated from Windsor Canada by Lake Saint Clair. Although Detroit is known for its industrial areas, in which the auto industry is an important feature, the record label Motown also originated in this city. Detroit is the birthplace of car brands such as GM, Ford and of course Chrysler. It is not for nothing that the city is also called Motor City. But, Detroit has so much more to offer. Examples of some places of interest are the Motown Museum, Belle Isle Park and the Henry Ford. The city has a continental climate. In summer it is therefore warm and in winter the temperature drops to an average of about -5 degrees C. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with J.

Detroit ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

The Henry Ford

Detroit is also affectionately known as Motor City. All the more so because car brands such as Chrysler, General Motors and of course Ford started their successful life in this city. The Henry Ford is named after the eponymous inventor of the Ford car brand. Inside the building you get a unique look behind the scenes of the car industry of that time. You can also participate in the Ford Rouge Factory Tour and view various special vehicles. For example, The Henry Ford owns the car seat in which Lincoln found his death, but also the bus which became known for its occupant Rosa Parks. At the time, she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person.

Motown Museum

Detroit is the hometown of the Motown record label. During a visit to this city you should not miss a visit to the Motown Museum. The museum is located in Hitsville. Inside the museum you will learn everything about the history of this music. You can, among other things, view photos from this period, but also admire the various costumes that the great stars wore at the time. There are also various works of art on display in the Motown Museum. During a tour through the museum you can also take a look at the well-known Studio A. Big Motown stars such as the Jackson Five and Stevie Wonder, for example, have their records recorded here.

Detroit Institute of Art

Just outside of downtown Detroit, you’ll find the Institute of Art. This museum houses a large art collection which can call itself the most extensive in the United States. You can admire ancient art, but also modern works of art from contemporary times are well represented. The art collection of the Detroit Institute of Art also consists of works by Dutch masters, as well as Renaissance works of art. In addition to paintings, the art also consists of statues and sculptures. Within the Detroit Institute of Arts you will also find a few eateries where you can enjoy a meal during your visit.

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park is located directly on and in the Detroit River. This beautiful park can be better described as an island where you can completely relax. Not only tourists find their way to this oasis of greenery in the middle of the city, but the locals also like to come here for a picnic or get together. In the park, which mainly consists of forest, you can also visit an aquarium, zoo and the Whitcomb Conservatory. Here you can visit both the Cactus and the Tropical House. Belle Isle Park also contains a museum. You can take a gamble in the casino of the park. Belle Isle Park in Detroit is a relaxing place where you can enjoy a nice lunch or enjoy the sun during your visit to Detroit.

Visit to a sports match

Besides Motown and the car industry, Detroit is also known for its many sports competitions. All the more reason to visit a good game during your stay in Detroit. Visiting a real American stadium is actually an experience in itself. Not only because of the immense stadiums, but also because of the cozy atmosphere. In Detroit you can easily attend a basketball or American football game. Tickets are easily available, provided the Detroit Lions are playing a sports game. Then it is important to get your tickets on time through one of the many offices.

Eastern Market

The Eastern Market in Detroit is located in the heart of downtown. You can stroll here for hours past various market stalls. The Eastern Market is divided into several sections. You can buy fresh products daily, but also enjoy a snack or drink in one of the many restaurants. Every day the Eastern Market has a different type of market, the night market is also a real happening with live events and music. Within the Eastern Market in Detroit there are also regular workshops that you can participate in. Even if you don’t intend to shop, you should definitely not miss a visit to this market when you stay in Detroit.


Detroit’s Riverfront is quite impressive and features a boulevard. From many places you have a view of Windsor, which is located in Canada. If you turn the other way, you can get a view of Downtown Detroit. However, Riverfront has even more to offer. Especially if you are a walking enthusiast, you can start a route from here. This walking route of about 10 kilometers takes you via the promenade to Belle Isle Park where you can enjoy your well-deserved rest. The tour starts from the Ambassador Bridge at Detroit’s Riverfront.


Greektown is originally a neighborhood for immigrants. Now it has developed into a bustling neighborhood in which mainly Greek architectural styles and the associated architecture take center stage. In this part of Detroit you can imagine yourself in Greece. All the more so because the neighborhood is packed with Greek eateries, casinos and nightclubs. In Greektown you will also find the Greektown-Casino Hotel of the same name. If you are a lover of Greek culture and the food that comes with it, then you should definitely not miss a visit to Greektown during your stay in Detroit. Either for an evening of entertainment or to get acquainted with the Greek cuisine that is at least as delicious here as in Greece itself.

Renaissance Center

Detroit is, of course, the city of the auto industry. The Renaissance Center is therefore the home of GM, also known as General Motors. The building includes no less than 7 impressive skyscrapers, the highest of which also contains various shops and restaurants. You can also venture to the top floor in the Renaissance Center. Here you have a nice view over the city of Detroit. But, of course, the building has more to offer. To find out everything about the origins and history of the Renaissance Center, it is best to participate in one of the guided tours that are organized there.

The Heidelberg Project

Just east of the city of Detroit, you’ll find The Heidelberg Project. During your stay you should definitely visit this district. The area is characterized by empty and semi-derelict houses, which have been renovated by artists. Detroit has seen a lot of decline, especially in its bankruptcy period, which left houses empty and the decline set in. The Heidelberg Project is a direct answer to the question of how this degradation can be prevented through art. The outer walls and facades of the empty houses are decorated with real works of art, making the environment both inspiring and impressive.

The Heidelberg Project