MBA Admissions Processes

Are You Really Ready for the MBA Admissions Processes?

It is not enough to pass academic and admission exams at institutions such as Harvard or Berkeley, extracurricular activities and good recommendations also matter.

MBA Admissions Processes

Admission percentages to the MBA programs of leading business schools remain flat from year to year. With this statement, Forbes magazine explains that the admission rate remains very low in programs such as Harvard Business School (11%) and Berkeley (13.2%).

That is why the publication recommends more than academic brilliance when preparing for these demanding programs.


Schools like Wharton, MIT, and Kellogg require highly accurate exams and high scores. Forbes recommends reviewing them many times and preparing intensively. The idea is not to take the test many times because that does not do any good to an application. If you have already given it and your score has not been bad, do not trust yourself. Reinforce your knowledge.


It is not only academic brilliance that matters, but what the professional has to offer in other areas.

The ideal in these cases are extracurricular activities, that is, non-profit organizations that the applicant must support in a sustained and concrete way. It is recommended that this participation also have a leadership trait that has helped the chosen organization to grow and develop. If there is tangible proof of that contribution it will be the best.


Make sure you have built working relationships with people who will be a key part of your recommendation list in a few months. It helps a lot to have the push of a key manager in your work who is willing to affirm your leadership, strategic thinking and teamwork.

If you have built your reputation, these people can even talk about some of the more highly valued personal qualities in these processes such as honesty, integrity and a sense of humor.

One of the most valued qualities in MBA programs is the international experience of the applicant. This is due to the global nature of the schools that provide it. If you have not yet had contact with offices outside your country in your company, start suggesting it and looking for it, as it will be key in your chances of admission.

The keys

Leader at all times. An MBA will require a leader 24/7, that is, one who not only proves efficiency in his employment, but in all his activities and attitudes.

Innovation. It is important that the candidate belongs to a company that knows itself innovative and has committed to leading changes.