Advantages of Studying an MBA in Europe

American schools are generally more selective in admitting students, taking high GMAT scores and average grades into account. Those who have developed their professional experience in a large global brand also have points in their favor. The resources available to American business schools are superior to those of their international competitors. When we talk about resources, we refer to the annual collection endowments in the effort to grant better and better scholarships, the quality of the facilities and the technology at the service of the projects, in addition to having the best paid teachers in the world. Schools in Europe and Asia run programs of only one year duration, so the advantage of these lies in the short-term compensation, In addition, in many cases, the first salaries of the students trained coincide with those of the American schools. One of the virtues that can lead many to opt for Europe and Asia is that it will be noticed in the portfolio. In addition, most of the teachers who teach in the best schools in Europe and Asia have been trained in the United States.


Carlidge cautions students that to make a good decision, they need to think long-term and be clear about the terrain they want to move into after graduation. Although it is not the only factor that the employer advises to take into account. It is important to stop to study the economy of each place at that time and the sectors with high level of employment. If the student is accurate in assessing his ambitions, success is assured, regardless of the business school that educated him.

IESE among the Best Schools for Entrepreneurs

Having the desire and conviction to undertake are essential ingredients in the business world but having the audacity to make the right moves is even more important, for example, your preparation. Today we tell you why we find IESE among the best schools for entrepreneurs.

There are numerous educational offers for all those who wish to study an MBA abroad, but which one is the right one? The answer to this question derives from another which is, do you know your goals?

If you have answered yes, we can tell you that you are already one step ahead and that this information will be especially useful. Now that if your path is that of the entrepreneur, good news since this post benefits you twice as much.

We know how important it is for you to have all the necessary elements to carry out your business once the time has come and that is why today we are talking about IESE, one of the business schools classified as the best in the entrepreneurship sector.


Why is IESE among the best schools for entrepreneurs?

The answer is very simple, from their programs focused on this matter, to the teachers, many of them experienced and successful in the world of entrepreneurship, have been combined to give life to this educational offer that year after year is reinforced to remain among the top.

Another great asset of this institution is having a large number of success stories from former students who have their own startups and who day by day are heading towards the conquest of their dreams.

This list called “The 10 best schools for entrepreneurs seeking an MBA” was published by the Financial Times and includes the 10 best institutions to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to learn to be an entrepreneur.

So if your path is that of entrepreneurship and you are thinking about where to take your MBA, IESE is an excellent option for you and to conclude we have great news for you, next August 9 we will be giving a specialized information session at this institution, no let this opportunity pass, secure your place by clicking this link, see you soon.