5 Tips for Writing Your Admission Essay

5 Tips for Writing Your Admission Essay

Writing your admission essay is a challenge, however, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the evaluators that you are a worthy candidate for their institution, as well as it will allow you to know the profile of the school you will go to.

Remember, the essay is considered a requirement for your admission, so it should not be taken lightly.

These are the 5 tips to write your admission essay

1.-Choose a main argument

Make sure you have a compelling argument at the beginning of the essay that prompts and engages the reader to continue reading, and of course, culminates with a good conclusion.

2.-Share personal experiences

This is important, however, do not fall into exaggerations, rather share experiences that have made you grow as a person and that define you as a leader.

3.-Take care of grammar

This is one of the main points, since an applicant of this magnitude is expected to be well prepared and write correctly, in addition to not exceeding the limit of words requested, because if you do, your MBA essay will reflect that you are not able to prioritize and classify information.

Make sure not to use clich├ęs and / or adjectives like; creative, motivated, passionate, expert, responsible or strategic, as these are very common words in the essays of applicants. The point is to be different to create interest in the evaluators.

4.-Support the ideas through specific examples

There is no better way to affirm something than by exemplifying, pointing out situations or referring to personal details reflects the domain and interest that one has about what is being questioned, it is also recommended to maintain attention through anecdotes and scenes, and even be entertaining.

5.-Make a draft

This step is essential because it will allow you to draw general lines and ideas of what you want to express, you will be able to remove and add the ideas that you consider necessary and it will help you to better structure your essay.

It is important to know that anyone who is not able to correctly express in writing what they think about certain topics, or about their perspectives and personal aspirations, will hardly be accepted, because argumentation is a central part of the development of an MBA.

Remember to ask the opinion of an expert, that is, whether they are professors or MBA graduates, after writing your essay, review and receive feedback, it is always good to have a fresh vision that can contribute with new data and that helps to polish the writing. +

What not to say in your essay for your admission to an MBA

The essay for admission to an MBA is crucial and it is surprising to know that a candidate with a simple profile and little work experience and with a weak educational record, can succeed before an expert professional, this is where the famous saying applies; “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

However, there are things you should consider before preparing for your essay and one of the things you should know is:

  • Bragging about your skills or feats, it is important to remember that interviewers are not newbies and are well aware of exaggerations and false information.
  • The failures that you have had throughout your career are experiences with learning, however, do not focus on recounting them in detail, since the admission committee is mainly interested in how you have overcome the crisis and how you have learned from your mistakes, in addition that this will cause a sharp distinction between you and the other candidates.
  • Another very important point is not to make negative criticisms of other people, such as work colleagues, teachers, classmates, etc., since negative criticisms of others can denote that you are a person who has problems interacting with others , besides being unreliable, and this will automatically close the possibility of being admitted.

These three points mentioned above are of utmost importance as they show what an entrepreneur who wants to advance professionally would not do.

5 Tips for Writing Your Admission Essay