Wharton School MBA

15 Questions to Get into the Wharton School MBA

Only 14% of all students who apply for an MBA at Wharton School are admitted. This 14% were able to successfully answer the following questions.

Graduates of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have an extra advantage when entering the labor market, a plus that is due to having graduated from the school currently considered one of the best in business in the international arena.

Wharton School MBA

Although being admitted to study an MBA in this institution is not an easy task. You could have a better chance of entering, if you integrate these questions together with the course or support of your selection.

1. Questions about teamwork:

– Have you had any experience where you have been the leader with a weak coworker?

– How do you handle the opinions of the rest of the people who make up your team?

– What are the most efficient solutions for you when problems arise in your team?

– How do you apply the learnings of your work team in your daily life?

– What are the feelings of the members of your team in relation to your actions?

2. Questions about leadership:

– How did you experience a situation where there was no established leader?

– How is your leadership style?

– What is the concept of leadership for you?

– What types of mistakes could you identify in any opportunity to act as a leader?

– What strengths did you find in an experience where you acted as a leader?

– What strategies did you use to reach the other members of the team?

3. Questions about communication:

– Have you ever had to persuade your teammates to agree with you?

– Have your ideas ever been questioned by the other team members?

– How do you handle a professional disagreement to overcome it?

– How do you define an effective and ineffective communication process?