Yamamay Bikini Reviews

Yamamay, Italian brand specialized in underwear male and female, presents his new collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2012 . Yamamay is a brand that has been able to draw upon if a lot of criticism, especially for the choice of the testimonial and collaborations not exactly spot on, but who knows if, with this collection of female costumes from the bathroom brand will receive positive or negative criticism. Let’s find out by looking at the photos in our gallery with all the costumes offered by Songaah.

Yamamay Bikini Reviews

Judging by the images of the lookbook Yamamay, the Italian brand seems to have decided to seek his redemption with a line of swimsuits very colorful where the bikini, the most popular model ever in this new collection, is proposed with motifs and colors vivid or more minimal depending on the personality and tastes of the customer. A stand out is the ability to choose between models with very different prices to each other to allow a little ‘to all women, to buy fashion brand.

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Yamamay, especially for younger people who do not have a very high budget, proposes the line Young with a series of very simple bikini, plain or with very basic multicolor fantasies. The price of each band, so you can match with a slipat your leisure, is only 9,90 Euro.

Women lovers of chic and sophisticated style can choose the line Elegant pointing to evergreen models on the shades. Uni colors or patterns with very classical prints were embellished with sophisticated applications such as beads, sequins and details in gold.

Probably the Yamamamy line, even in classic shapes, has convinced us more.

E ‘then the turn of the line Geometric, 70s inspired. How to tell us the name of the collection, for example, the main inspiration of the collection are the prints that we find on the bikini, on trikini and even clothing products to show off at the beach, all embellished with metal details. Also interesting are the lines Old San Juan and Yunque. The first is a veritable explosion of color, both in plain models united than in those with fancy printing. The second, however, is inspired by a theme that was taken up by many designers during fashion shows forfashion spring summer 2012 , the jungle. Here, in fact, many bikini with animal prints, large colorful flowers and motifs that recall the lush nature.

In short, Yamamay always proves to give his best in the collections of beachwear although there are two small negative notes. The first is the presence of the capsule collection of costumes from the bathroom Chiara Ferragni, bikinis with very banal lines and motifs, the second is the severe under-representation of swimsuits in the collection although, we must admit that there are those that express a sensuality truly unique.

And what do you think of the new collection of swimwear Yamamay?