X Phone, The Phone That Prepare Google and Motorola to Compete against The IPhone

When Google bought Motorola earlier this year and closed its divisions in several countries (“including Spain”: Our site), many wonder what would be the next step. Well, it seems that we already have a response in the form of code name: X Phone.

That’s the internal name you have given to a project that promises: a high-end Terminal that compete with Apple’s iPhone and, why not, rival Samsung to boost sales with Android operating system in this segment. The idea? “Do something different”, in the words of Dennis Woodside, former Executive of Google and now CEO of Motorola. It is expected that this device will reach the market through 2013.

Now do not have many details about its features, except that Google is seeking to include the largest number of technological advances It is possible to differentiate it from the rest. For example, they mention notable developments in the Chamber, the associated software and the possibility of taking panoramic photos, something that already makes the iPhone 5 but have thought improve somehow.

Talk even about the possibility of the inclusion of a flexible screen and ceramic materials in order to make the toughest terminal, something in that competition has failed to move forward too. It could incorporate in addition something related to the detection of gestures, following the purchase of Viewdle (company that is dedicated precisely to this) by Motorola.

If successful, they could also bring to market a Tablet with similar characteristics. Although still has little information about all this, does not seem unreasonable to think in the short-term plans of Google is attempting a punch on the table in it comes to production of high-end smartphones.

Will we see it? What will they think other manufacturers about a possible “preferential treatment”? You have possibilities of? be a real competitor for Samsung or even for the iPhone? For now there are no answers to these questions but we do know something: 2013 is going to be a very interesting year in the battle of devices (and operating system) mobile refers.