X by Trollbeads

X by Trollbeads

Before of my year’s flu I was at the invitation of Trollbeads and Eulit to the presentation of the new collection „ X by Trollbeads “ in Copenhagen. Unfortunately I did it just now, to cover my there gained impressions into words and would like to apologize at all, which were already eagerly waiting the whole event was great organized and staffed by international editors and bloggers. All official, all employees and designer of Trollbeads are very friendly and great people with whom you can have is wonderful and devoted to their work on everything. Also the coexistence within the company was very moving for me, there was a very family atmosphere and this cohesion is also taken great thing you immediately noticed on the first evening in the in-house restaurant.

but going to the actual topic of this event and of course this article we all know the sweet beads from Denmark, there at least since 1976! But the new collection, which was presented on this day is something completely new in the field of personalized jewelry. The jewelry wearer chooses not only his individual beads or charms, but decides piece for piece on each individual link. The elements of silver, bronze, gold and rubber thread mesh over the opening in the links. So are bracelets and necklaces in variable lengths. If you like, can wear today 3 bracelets and morning – with the same elements – a whole necklace.

X by Trollbeads – love

Highlight of the new collection more than 70 of the imaginative designer links are designed by 9 Trollbeads designers. In addition to zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac, feminine and rock motifs, statement links find how „ love “ and those that give information about personal interests and preferences. In the design of design elements, there is only a limit: contoured. Designer Lars Søgaard told me: „ imagine a tennis court with 2 large extinguishers in the opposite corners. And that you can now play “

each part has its own statement and their combination tells the very personal story of its owner’s. And the new pieces of jewellery have a special feature: through the use of the distinctive black rubber limbs, the bracelets also at the man’s wrist look fabulous for the kids, there are small Designlinks, where ribbons, Teddy bears and other sweet motifs are applied. By Trollbeads jewellery x is thus for the whole family.

Since September 18 is the new collection in the trade, the prices range from €1.50, for the simple rubber link, up to €927 for the double link gold. An impression of the collection can be found in the below attached Gallery and of course on our YouTube channel.