Wycon Cosmetics Online

Wycon is a trademark of Italian cosmetics, celebrated between the beauty passionate for the wide range of functional products and affordable. But where are the stores of this brand? I will reveal in this article!


Wycon is one of the low cost brands revelation of recent years: the range of cosmetics is very wide and varied, encompassing many makeup products, skin care treatments, useful to take care of facial skin, but also for the body, in addition to many quality beauty accessories and of course nail polish and nail care.

In this sense Wycon has developed and consolidated an increasingly intense trading activity in the field of luxury products such as perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and gift sales. In 2009, the brand team, in part driven by not thriving global economic situation and the ever-present desire to face new challenges and projects, he founded the brand franchise Wycon, a line of professional make-up which has the advantage of being a brand Made in Italy by high quality, at a price accessible to all.

These features have made ​​the brand grow much, and the goods Wycon Best Seller most loved by makeup fans are definitely the eye shadow mousse Long-lasting Soft Mousse Eyeshadow, but also the eye pencils Long Lasting Eye Pencil, lipsticks and opaque liquids, great revelation of the last months.


Where to buy Wycon? The Wycon sales points in Italy are now many: this cosmetics company is expanding greatly and we, like all fans of the brand, we are very enthusiastic! In addition to many Italian Wycon stores , we can find some stores abroad, such as in Bucharest, in Romania, but also in the island of Malta and Lieql, Belgium.

Do you want to find the store Wycon closer to you? Check out our table with all shops Wycon Italy divided by region!


Wycon is booming in Italy, to stay updated on new openings and know all the operating points of sale at the time we recommend you consult the handy store locator on the company’s website, which is constantly updated with new stores.


As anticipated, the Wycon of franchise products are myriad, but which ones are not to be missed? Among them we will surely point out the palette of lipsticks Makeup Artist Lipstick Palette, which cost only 9,90 euro and contain less than 6 pods lipsticks, as well as the aforementioned eye shadow mousse, but also the big palette of eyeshadows Professional Basic Palette with 15 colored pods, which costs, on balance, EUR 19.90.

They have bothered the web and beyond, however opaque liquid lipsticks Makeup Artist Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, that the mere price of 6.90 euro have an excellent quality, among the best of such products, even more expensive! Unfortunately at the time most of these lipsticks are sold out both on site and in most stores, but fear not: the short will be back on restocking to the delight of all!


The Wycon products can be purchased online on the official website Wycon, offering expenses shipment by courier. In addition, this functional products for orders over 19.90 €, the shipping is free!


If you are still not in the store ran Wycon nearest to your home to grab splendid enamels, mascaras and lipsticks, there is still an important piece of information to know about: the Italian cosmetics company offers a loyalty card  free that allows you to take advantage of many advantages.

Which? The Card allows Wycon accumulate points with every purchase, and also allows you to take advantage of the professionalism and competence of makeup artists Point of Purchase. With this loyalty card also can accumulate points, 1 every 2 euro spending, which allow you to receive gift vouchers to spend on make up Wycon!

Here are the interesting shopping vouchers proposed by the Made in Italy brand with loyalty card:

150 points = good expenditure of 10 euro;
300 points = good expenditure of 25 euro;
500 points = good expenditure of 50 euro;
800 points = good spending of 100 Euros.

Do you like Wycon products? We hope that the list  of all stores will be useful, and of course let us know if you too love this brand!