Wize & OPE: a clock – many ways

Bright colors and Colorblocking lie not only in the fashion trend, but also more and more can be seen on his wrists. Colorful summer watches in plastic or silicone light brown skin and radiate joy of life. It will be difficult if the desire for color is larger than the budget. The French brand Wize & OPE has found a solution that relieves not only the holiday budget, but at the same time awakens the play instinct and the joy of the combination. According to the modular principle, the various elements of the Wize & OPE watches can be separate and easily replaced. We have tried it! Bracelet, spacer (slider), and housing are placed on a kind of track can be separated with just a few hand movements. The tapes and slider are sold separately. There is it in different colours, patterns, and with Rhinestone trim. So as every day new to assemble his clothes up, the clock that can be combined.

Wize & OPE is not only a trendy watch brand, but also tells a story: Wize – the character in the logo – traveling the world and discovered the wide range of peoples, cultures, and the arts. In doing so, he adopts the foreign properties and changes its look – he is to ope. OPE stands for open – open your eyes, open your mind! Other people to include openness and tolerance to brand values, reflected in some way in the Exchange principle of watches. These are available in many countries anywhere in the world. For people who want to live out their creativity, have fun at the fashion or wish to be easy only up-to-date.

Photos: manufacturer and Bridgat