With the Indy 3/4 People Your Tent Camp Will Be Perfect

One of the main concerns of the people in the hour of camping is the choice of quality equipment to give a peaceful stay and smoothly. Count on a wide tent gives a full rest and prepare the adventurers to the news that the nature reserve after the dawn. Bet on tent Indy 3/4 people is an attractive and extremely effective solution. Worth knowing more sink this tent, your family and your friends will love this equipment.

Fantastic features of Indy 3/4 Tent people

Are you in search of the ideal tent for your camp? See how this alternative can help you. The tent is made with high quality materials and aims to comfort people. In terms of structure, this tent has a different diameter fiberglass, and this component is connected by an internal elastic. One of the differences this tent is the presence of Nano-Fiber system. Inside, she is constituted by 190T polyester and mosquito net. With regard to the structure of the floor, it is made of polyethylene with high density and has protection against fungi. Sobreteto is already done in 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane.

With regard to the dimensions of the Indy 3/4 tent people she has a height of 130 cm, width of 205 cm and 155 cm. length this tent is presented in the colors Blue and white.

The Indy 3/4 Tent people offers comfort for the whole family

This tent is the best option for camping with family and friends. The comfort given by this equipment is fantastic, because it has a different coloring in order to provide quick visualization. With this tent, the moments of rest will be more cozy.

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