With Apps for Android and iOS, Easynvest Is the Easy Way to Invest Your Money

With consecutive years of decline of savings, which in 2015 had lower yield than inflation, naturally grown investments in other applications and, consequently, had the high of brokerage firms. To meet this demand, the brokers had to invest in innovations to make life easier for its customers.

An example is the Easynvest, brokerage firm with almost 50 years of market that found in technology a way to approach your audience and transform the way customers manage their money.

The last major novelty Easynvest was the launch of the first Fixed Income Application Brazil for the iOS and Android platforms, which is free. The app you can view all the investments available to accomplish with practical applications in Treasury Direct and Income Private Fixed, monitor its financial position and find investments according to your risk profile.

The application has a completely intuitive interface that is easy to use even for those who never invested, and offers the possibility that the investor make the registration, transfer your money and start your investment right there in the palm, when and where it is.

The application is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

Moreover, Easynvest is a 100% online broker that does not charge an administrative fee and use multiple digital platforms with a focus on usability to better communicate with their investors and provide full autonomy for them to choose and manage their own investments.

Through its online portal, the Easynvest offers a kind of e-commerce in which the user can view all investments available and easily manage your money without bureaucracy and complications.

At the site of Easynvest is provided a simulator that by choosing products, values and deadlines, simulates the profits that the investor should have at the end of your investment.

Also the site, the client can perform a test and find out what your investor profile and what types of investments that best fit your goals.