Winter Fashion Women’s Coats and Jackets

If you have your eye on the trends of fashion winter 2016, then you’ve probably noticed the news of coats and jackets. In this cold season, women can be comfortable to use heavier parts, modern and even sophisticated.

Fur coats winter 2016

The coat is a great option to compose the feminine look of winter. He has a comfortable drape the body and takes care to protect the woman in the days of intense cold. The play combines with different occasions, like a walk in the afternoon or a day’s work.

Women’s trench coat

Among the models of jackets more beloved by women, it is worth highlighting the trench coat. This piece used to be used by British soldiers in the first world war, but won a new modeling to compose the wardrobe of women.

The trench coat women’s coat is a long, double-cuff links and belt. He is very warm and guarantees protection against wind, rain and snow. The piece can be used alone, on a dress, skirt or tights.

Plush coat

Women fashionistas can bet on a different female jacket , as is the case of the model. This item, super cute and stylish, combines with skinny jeans and short-barreled bootie. It is also possible to create looks with Paisley shirt and shirt.

Women’s winter jackets 2016

The jacket is a piece that can not miss in the female wardrobe. It can be found in different models, but your goal is almost always the same: warm up and let the stylish look.

Fake Sheepskin jacket

In the cooler cities Brazil, women are starting to bet on fake lamb jacket, a stylish piece and that keeps the body warm in the icy days. It is interesting because it wears well both in casual moments as in formal occasions.

The fake Sheepskin jacket has a air 70 years and allows you to create various combinations. It can be used with dress, leggings, skirt and pantyhose and jeans.

Jean jacket or leather

The denim jacket is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. It can be used to compose modern looks and stripped, with matching t-shirt and torn jeans. The black leather model is also a great option for young women and who like a more rebellious look.

And there? Do you know another tendency of coats and jackets for women 2016? Leave your comment to!