Why Do We Wear Tights

Did you know that it protects Leggings since the 17th century there? At least interpret Scripture finds out that these pants have been worn so early. At this time the skin-tight garment leather was made. Depending on the location, there were different versions. Even the Cowboys in the US resorted to leather leggings that are perfect suitable for riding. On the one had by the tight fit a perfect feeling for each small movement of the horse, on the other hand protect the robust Leggings front branches and animal bites.

Over the centuries, these pants have developed in different directions. You will find in our Online Shop Schwab different forms for many occasions.The name Leggins way comes from the English word “leg”, which in German means “leg”. Another common term for these garments is Tights. The classic leggings, as we know it today, ranging from the navel to the ankle of the foot. It uses the skintight pants in sports or wear it everyday.

In sports such as aerobics or gym exercises, leggings are often used because they do not restrict the freedom of movement due to their skin-tight cut. In addition, special sports leggings carry away the body sweat best outwards. With breathable adidas leggings you achieve ideal training values and see plus dressed fabulous.

For everyday use or special occasions the leggings be worn alone or in combination with other garments.In recent years, for example, is popular with sexy leggings as the interplay of hot pants. So you have the possibility short shorts or skirts to wear not only on hot days. For combinations with trousers, skirts or dresses can safely be thinner and engage transparent forms. If the leggings to be worn alone, according to Entertainmentdns, then the material should be a little harder and opaque. How about, for example, with cool leggings in leather look ? For unusual and funky looks to special leggings with patterns offer that conjure up a very unusual look. Another form is the latex leggings, which will also be happy to be attracted to many women.

As we stand before the cold winter months, you should use the thermal leggings consider. They keep the heat on the body and thus have an insulating effect. Under Jenas pants or ski clothing can you not touch with a warm thermal leggings the cold season!