Why Choose LED Bulbs?

LED bulbs are increasingly present in several innovative projects these days, there’s a tendency to fluorescent and incandescent lamps Exchange by the LED, as it is the best lighting option for those who want maximum quality of economy.

There are several possibilities of application, from lighting to commercial and residential lighting.

Some of the reasons that the LED has been gaining market share are:

-Shelf life of up to 100 years 

-Low power consumption 


-Emits no heat 

-Does not risk of fire, explosion or electrocution 

I already gave it to realize that LED only have advantages, the only disadvantage compared with normal lamps, if we can call it that, is the price that varies between 15 to 50 reais. But compared to the time of use and energy savings that it provides, is a great location.

In addition, the effect on the decor is amazing. As an innovative projects are also on the market various types of LED lamps, including color models and light fixtures that use LED bulbs that have a control to adjust the light intensity, bringing the environment the climate that is desired.

The greatest cost benefit of LED lamps is long-term.

To better understand and practically check the following table.