White Blouse Oversized

The white blouse polarized. For some, it is the flagship of the bourgeois middle class, for others it is the beloved all-round clothes.

White Blouse Oversized

I think it is a piece of clothing that is versatile and should hang on every case in every wardrobe.

A simple white blouse in oversize – 1,000 possibilities

The biggest advantage of a white blouse is their color. A neutral tone, which harmonises with all the colors of the entire spectrum of color is white. This means that you can combine everything with this piece of clothing color.

Fits to the white blouse stained squared as well as to turquoise or red. White also has the ability to radiate you. The bright colour rubs off and brings life and light in your wardrobe.

White blouses – basics for your plus size outfits

A white blouse is very well suited as basic for chubby women if she is simply designed. You can wear it almost every day, then change only the accessories, pants and skirts to. She looks for example with a classically-cut blue jeans and comfortable ballerinas ravishing.

Somewhat feminine is your plus size outfit, if you’re wearing a skirt and pumps to do so. Then, a waisted blouse is appropriate, because your feminine curves and curves get a nice shape.

The classic white blouse is in the job. It is carried to the suit or to the elegant pants in oversized. You radiate seriousness and expertise with this look, which impresses your face with security.

Spring dream: white tunics and detailed blouses in oversize

Sweet eye-catcher, which is very good for especially plump women, are white tunics and blouses in oversize with charming details. Tunics by nature have made a favorable cut: ranging over the butt and are going further down. Thus, your cleavage comes up nicely to bear while Bauchpölsterchen are hidden.

A white tunic has also the advantage that brings also a simple white blouse with it: she’s friendly combination.

White blouses with beautiful embroidered motifs on the décolleté are mainly in the spring eye-catcher. Embellish with Ruffles at the federal or a beautiful button front white blouse your style. They are airy light and allow the warming rays of the spring sun on your skin.

The white blouse made of linen, is it also ensures a comfortable body climate, if temperatures continue to rise.