What Type of Women’s Pants are in Style

Almost a century has passed since trousers have ceased to be an object of pure male wardrobe, but also become an integral part and female clothing. During this time there were a large number of styles and types of women’s pants, each of them something interesting and unique.

Types Classic Trousers

Bryuchnoy undisputed classic fashion no longer includes:

  • Trousers direct reduction – this model is the same width foot the entire length and it often has an arrow. These pants are very strict and are part of the female costume for couples.
  • Pantaloni-dudočki (Skinn, cigarettes) – pants with tight Stanin, dense oblegaûŝimi leg. Extremely popular in the last few years, especially in the implementation of denim.
  • Pants-bananas – free pant leg of this model are oval, slightly napominayushtuyu fruit give his name. Pant leg a little zauzhivayutsya to the bottom.
  • Pants-clash – flared from the hip or knee pants. Now these models are back on the podium and will be the most modern in the near season.
  • Trousers in Marlene Dietrich style – baggy pants resembling male.

All these models are implemented and thick fabrics and fabrics can be presented in annual trousers of lightweight fabric. And now they can be classified to the classics bryuchnoy fashion jeans – pants, different sizes, so called because of tissue that goes to their adjustment.


To sports models we can get:

  • Separating pants – pants such sports are performed by specific, well-tyanushtihsya tissue and have the appropriate clearance.
  • Pants-Afghani (Ali Baba garemnыe) – knitted slacks, difference in low-lying proyme. Imitate pants worn oriental women, but made of elastic fabric, they become hip-hop character.
  • Pants, cargo and chinos – both of these models are implemented by strong, wear resistant fabric is carried out thorough treatment of seams, which gives them a sporty look. Comfortable working and active recreation.