What to Wear with Tight Pants

If you want to wardrobe never nadoedal must try to do the most diverse. Then each day you are satisfied with this method, but a problem “what to wear?” will disappear completely. Tight pants – one of the main models that would be nice to “register” in your wardrobe.

To find them quickly in the store, you should know how they are called tight women’s trousers. Leggings,  the names are not quite correct, so how related they are still closer to kolgotam. These models are never exclusive pockets (maximum – two behind) as a snake from them is usually the side. Losinы be worn below inflation, and never – short koftochkami.
Tight women’s pants – pants or “tabernacle” – a form of simple trousers. Their only difference is that they are very tightly oblegayut leg. Limitations in the length of the not – it can be ukorochennaya model shtikolotku or lower.

What do You Wear Tight Pants?

Rigid guidelines, leggings on ScienceDict. You can wear to the Brussels “tabernacle” free bluzu, voluminous sweater or top with kardiganom. It looks very stylish combination of mothers and soft alkogolichki extended trikotazhnogo jacket.

Who should Tight Pants?

High girls with very lean kicking will surely need additional volume upstairs. This can be a big sweater binding, or, if chilly time of year, coat bubble. Girls with an average komplektsii “skin” look good with all kinds of things. A large amount of value combined with long top of thin jersey.
Very stylish look tight leather pants. This model zaimstvovannaya and kosuhi, cyclists remain the trend for several years.
Sporting tight pants also been actively used modnitsami in everyday life. They bear baletkami, louferami and even heels, balancing classic way of kardiganom or coat.