What to Wear With Leggings

Origin Leggings 

What are leggings? These pants made of elastic fabric that wraps around the legs have zippers, buttons and other fasteners unnecessary. “the only difference of tights-they don’t cover the legs.
occurrence of leggings on «show» Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Very popular at the moment Madonna and Sandra approved those custom pants, and accordingly, fans buy and singers to afford such clothing. Ladie’s half of Russia called this type of leggings pants.
Thirty years ago, it was cloth leggings and synthetic dyes caller. After ten years there were pockets on the pants, they become warmer and carefully and calmly. But the popularity of leggings faded after the evaluation of the German fashion experts have expressed their indignation point to these pants as the wedge does not conceal the flaws of the female figure, but on the contrary-stressed their full, not very smooth legs.

What to Wear With Leggings?

New fashion spread like the classic style of leggings. And for the sports. So let me be clear that to wear pants like leggings.

Bikini lovers neutral color scheme, appropriate dress shirt “basket” appearance or dress and the shorter the skirt, the Tulip, shorts, tunics. If you need to hide some flaws legs, wear pants with long chiffon skirts.

a convenient choice is going to be a long legged sweater dress: this classic look is very practical for everyday and for special occasions.

Wearing dark leggings and Ballet flats, trench coat, you will not regret it-a variety of stylish and very convenient for everyday life. Girls who are not performing without heels, standing with narrow bikini to wear shoes with heels and a trapezoidal Cape short dress with Crocheted. wedge looks good for an evening stroll.

In a suit for a party can be combined with shorts, leggings or a short skirt strapless, but pants may be a different color, for example, the skin or the Leopard snake, and even different ethnic ornaments.

gaiters boots can be worn with almost any beginning and ending with the ballet shoes with heels or boots. But do not combine them with UGG boots.

Wearing leggings under a dress, be sure to stick to the difference in the length of at least twenty centimetres.

on the leggings you can wear shorts of the same color. This combination makes it possible to wear shorts, not only in summer but in winter, the most important-length leggings should not be short.

Designers Tips 

Designers tips will help you to look great in combination with a wedge:

  • When you select extra clothing leggings to pay attention to the length of the product.Shorts, skirts, dresses, must not have the same length with a wedge.
  • Girls who have deficiencies in the figure, should abandon the shortened (to the knee) leggings. Paint pants has a lot of options, but it is best to stay in the dark, plain colours.
  • sneakers looks very bad with these pants.
  • If your selection falls on spots not leggings to wear clothes with them the same color. This also applies to Accessories.

Types of Leggings old Version 

Are leggings, Capris, cropped and, most likely, with bright colors, they make the shape thinner. Wearing these Capris with mini skirt will look stylish.
Buy leggings draw the attention to the version with lace, they combine well with a light summer dress, flip-flops or thongs.
In cold weather you can wear a classic wedge style or under the skin, the second option is selected, very fashion, because this type of leggings has a great view.
There is also a sports pants-they are much more comfortable conventional sports trousers, leggings, pants with pockets, made of thick fabric.
Wedges can be combined with different outer clothing, but stick to the rules, it is up to half of the thigh.