What Should You Wear as a Guest to a Wedding

Pippa Middleton has become famous as a maid of honor and bridesmaid. She wore on her sister’s wedding, Kate and Prince William, a white dress and had more rigged than her sister. It shows what you can do as a guest at a wedding all wrong.

What Should You Wear as a Guest to a Wedding

While men are having a fancy suit and tuxedo always good advice, it is more difficult for women. The first priority is that the bride and the groom are the focus and you must steal them under any circumstances the show.

The Perfect Color Choice For Wedding Look

This begins with the choice of color of the dress. All whites are an absolute taboo on this day. This includes various shades of beige, eggshell and champagne tones.Black of course is also an absolute no-go, because we are at a wedding, not a funeral. Bright colors are also excluded, as you quite striking with such colors.

Friendly, warm summer tones would be recommended. This can be a delicate pink or lilac be less feminine colors such as lemon yellow or coral are equally in order to guarantee the right outfit for a wedding guest.

The Most Beautiful Form of a Wedding Dress

For the civil ceremony is chosen as host best a classic suit or a costume. If that is too festive, also a chic pants can be combined with a noble shell. The upper part should then be best from silk or satin to match the occasion of wedding.

In the church wedding you can not go wrong with a cocktail dress. On what to watch, is that it should be cut too deep and one with a strapless dress a matching scarf or jacket buy, so you can cover the shoulder in the church.

Accessories And Shoes The Perfect Wedding Outfit

Jewelry may the perfect wedding outfit of course not missing. This can be a discreet bracelets from Tiffany or a beautiful necklace. It is only important that one does not overload the wedding look, so fingers away from conspicuous statement chains.

Classic one chooses the wedding outfits aforementioned high shoe, suggested by Weddinginfashion. This may Pumps, his loafers with heels or even high sandals. The best you will take care that you worried the shoes of the same color to the rest of wedding look. Nude shades also go always.

Anyone who wants to stay fit throughout the day, without him our feet hurt, or even for people who like to take a second pair of shoes to change, ballerinas and loafers are optimal. Again, the appropriate color to look for.

The Invitation Is Evidence of The Dress Code of Wedding

If all this is too imprecise, can feel free to read the invitation again. In most wedding invitations not only date and location is announced, but the dress code. If a dress code is specified, Unsafe should seek information about the venue. Is it a castle, the couple is safe from a very festive wedding clothes of the guests, unlike a casual beach location. Who even now still can not decide, can also simply call the newlyweds and ask what kind of clothes do you expect from the guests. This must be a not unpleasant, but shows that there is concern.

Perfect To Wear For The Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor is integrated in all the wedding stress and in Planerei. Therefore, they often knows exactly which flower jewelery and decoration colors are used on the wedding and can make their clothes analogously. As maid of honor has a lot more options, because the dress the maid of honor must be quiet, the second most beautiful dress of the day.