What Shoes to Buy for Squash

Shoes, along with your racket, the main terms of squash equipment on the track. It is difficult to find the right shoes. But when you find good squash shoes you will find that this makes a big difference on the track. You are right much faster and easier to move to the ball. Error squash shoes can make you get more injuries to the feet and ankles. What to look for when buying squash shoes? Which brands are the most worn and where the shoes are for sale?

What Shoes to Buy for Squash


Badminton is a fast, intense and damage sensitive sports. You often play with two players side by side on the track. Both players have a squash racquet to beat. A player earns through the wall into the box of the opponent. Then begins a rally in which players take turns through the wall, must beat. If the ball bounces twice losing the player whose turn it is the point. Since you are on the squash court and many have to move quickly get injured very often. Good squash shoes are therefore of great importance to prevent or at least reduce the damage to the ankle and foot.

What do you look for when you buy squash shoes?

For people who do not often play squash are often not necessary to buy all the expensive special squash shoes.Normal shoes here are well suited for. But you often play squash, then it is wise to invest in expensive and special shoes when squash. When buying on the following points:

The shape of the foot.
Start by looking at your feet. These are very wide or narrow right? Is the foot to the toes very wide or vice versa?Some shoes are designed especially for people with foot on the front is wider where other shoes just in front is much narrower. Also pay attention to your ankles. Did you know, for example, very thin ankles? Then choose a shoe with a less wide opening. This prevents the ankle becomes too much space in squash.

The action
Many suppliers of squash and sneakers are recommended to buy shoes slightly larger than the size that you have for ordinary shoes. Do not do this. The shoes come during training still be slightly wider. If you start getting a little too big shoe chance that you will slip away quickly in the shoe during a game of squash. Something you want to prevent. A good squash shoe is pretty tight. There should be no more than the tip of the thumb in the space between the big toe and the inside of the shoe seating.

A shoe for squash has a good cushioning. For children and people who do not regularly play squash their normal shoes can be good, but for the athlete who plays with regularity, a shoe with good cushioning recommended.However, older people and people who are prone to damage, recommended shoes with good cushioning.

If the shoe provides sufficient attenuation can be selected to buy special insoles for shoes. These soles are however often less tasty than those supplied from the factory. Late regular squash damage special insoles application by specialized companies.

At no squash are allowed to play with dark soles. This leave streaks on the job that is difficult to remove. So only buy sneakers that you can actually walk on the squash court.

Sports socks

For added protection to the ankles and feet can be chosen to have thicker socks in shoes. But they should not be too thick, because you still want to feel connected with the squash court. There are special socks for sale to ensure your feet stay dry, move done in the shoe and ensure that no blisters occur. Good socks also help tired feet and injuries to the ankles.