What is Jeggings?

Choose What Jeggings?

One-colour black, white, blue, red, beige, or much reasons, like the great models on pink and blue flowers on white background, choose the jegging need you: you will find all the colors and all the trends!

In the summer, it will be wiser to opt for a rather clear model.

Styles of jeggings?

It is made from cotton and stretch fabrics like the leggings (lycra, spandex, see more on eHistoryLib) This isn’t just a “sous-pantalon” to keep you warm in the winter. It is a garment full.

It can be wear with wide or supported jackets tops, and high heels. You can even accessorize it with a big belt at the waist.

Who is it for?

You could almost say: all women who love fashion and who feel good about themselves.

In fact, we could even say it will necessarily go to women who have already used to wear leggings.

But its form, it is obvious that it can be worn by thin women.

The first audience is teenage girls, often of filiform morphology, and could quickly be seduced by this legging new version.

Indeed, teenagers are enough fans of flat shoes, which are doing very well with the down too tight. The problem is more for older women, who, for the most part, have more size model a lot of teenage girls…

The difference with the tregging?

Unlike the treggings, the jeggings can be worn with boots rising. It is often enjoyed with boots since there is no folds, while if you try to put your boots over your jeans on, it is much more difficult, if not impossible, to make it stick to the skin up to the ankles.

Here also, avoid short t-shirt, because the elastic at the waist, even if he shakes that little, is not very aesthetic. There is nothing above and mold absolutely all of your forms.

Elastic, it adapts to your every move, like a second skin. You won’t feel too tight at the end of the meal…

No need to remove the button of his jeans, as it even fits your stomach! And so comfortable that we love to wear at home with a loose t-shirt and so, even in casual attire, you stay sexy!