What Is BB Cream For

What Is BB Cream ForHailed as a miracle product all-in-one, the BB cream is a bit ‘anywhere in this period and this trend does not seem to give signs of stopping. But how do you apply BB cream (or Blemish Balm, which is not a neologism, but the full name of the person who invented BOH) correctly? There are special techniques that you have to know? We asked for clarification to some industry experts. Here’s what we discovered.

This product was used in the fifties by dermatologists in Germany, then was exported to Asia where he became famous. Soon after its success has spread to Europe and America and, thus, the BB cream were adapted from curative product cosmetic multifunction. The main features of a BB cream are providing protection from the sun, play a moisturizing and nourishing action, cover imperfections and redness, delay aging of the skin and do even as primer and base for light makeup.

Cheapness, therefore, not only in the money factor (it is a highly efficient multi-purpose product) but also in terms of time, since the BB cream allow to reduce the number of steps to be carried out in your beauty routine to be ready to exit. Excellent news for all those women who have counted the minutes every day!

To learn how to apply the BB cream properly, follow these instructions … the look flawless in record time is guaranteed!

1.      BB cream is the right for you

As there are many options available and shades (this cream color also), it is important to find the perfect one for you. Some focus especially on whiten and give radiance to the skin, as well as act as opaque and others have some anti-aging benefits. But be careful because if you have special needs or skin blemishes, before using the BB cream, you should consult with your dermatologist before using it. The success of the BB cream is given by the ingredients that make up the second and the problem that your skin has, for this must be chosen with care. In any case, the BB cream should be chosen taking into account the color and the type of their skin since, although they are suitable for all skin types, in reality the formulations vary considerably.

2.Start with a minimum amount

To avoid waste of product, only begins with extremely small quantities. Using your fingertips, apply it only on the treatment area: the advice is to start from the eye and then branch out with circular movements. The BB cream may replace the foundation, but only slightly so: evaluate the result and see if it is the case of correct.

3. Get full coverage with a paintbrush

After you cover your problem areas, you can take advantage of a makeup brush to apply the rest of the product. Put some ‘of cream on the palm of the hand and through the brush, Take up a bit’ to distribute it on the face.

4. Finish with a little ‘of powder

Last but not least, to help fix the product of baser as long as it’s a good idea to put a little ‘good powder. And voila, you’re ready to go!