What Is a Slip Underwear

Slips Shorts – one of the most popular models of underwear. The fact that they have the best style to be comfortable.

Ladies’ Panties Slips – Advantages Models

  • Main bikini slips attractive from a medical standpoint, most gynecologists negative about panties with mini stripe on the back, because certainly not hygienic, and their continued use leads to various diseases of the sexual sphere.
  • Second, panties, slips convenient because combining some middle ground: they are too closed and is comfortable when wearing tight clothes, but at the same time cover the buttocks, and that protect the body from harmful environmental factors.
  • Thirdly, panties, slips attractive, because that style, they can show beautiful models fabrics, laces wealth and other decorative elements. Small bikini original design to make a lot more complicated.
  • And fourthly, they are comfortable from a moral point of view: on the one hand, they are closed and do not show private parts, on the other hand, does not seem old-fashioned “granny knickers on.”

What does “Slips Pants”?

Vintage pants have an interesting name – “slips” from the word “go”, which literally means “slip”. In some it generates associative words more appropriate with the word “bikini” – smooth, tight, invisible. Thus, coupons – these are shorts that sit tightly on the body, and thus almost invisible.

How are Cowards Slips?

Conventionally, d depending on the style has three types of lingerie:

  • Mini.
  • Midi.
  • Max.

Pants sheets belonging to the second category “honey”. This means that the slips are not very open and closed not. That’s why they also refer to classical, they close thigh to mid-thigh and side quite open to not rise. Panties slips could be a different style:

  • The more closed and conservative option – he escapes with high waist and lowered over the side that covers the thigh.
  • A more open and comfortable carrying option – mini slips, they have a low landing, open side part. They are perfect to wear them under retro tight pants or vintage leggings.

Material Female Underwear Slips

Before lace or silk panties with ruffles can afford only the big ladies of the royal court, and all others while processing underwear coarse linen, but today, fortunately, everything changed. Now materials such as silk, satin or lace is not often used to make sheets because usually these pants are not intended for special occasions and is part of everyday wardrobe. However, even in simple models slips can often see a variety of lace or silk inserts as decoration. Today, the most popular materials for making slips are:

  • Cotton. This is a natural material which is not as long as synthetic, but does not cause allergies.
  • Nylon. This shiny synthetic material, characterized durability.
  • Elastane. Elastane yarn made of polyurethane rubber, so that this material is also synthetic.
  • Viscose. This material has a very good stretches, so shorts made of viscose, can be worn even in overcharge weight or weight loss.
  • Transfer. This material is more durable than silk and is highly hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture) of cotton. Fabrics with high fashion and soft.

Most shorts are made slips in pastel shades. The ruffles, bows and other decorations found in some models, but you can often find a variety of lace or silk inserts that make the design interesting. Absolutely lace slips – often just because it’s translucent lace stitches are clearly visible, and because the model is closed, it is often those stitches spoil the look. Much more practical choice colored slips when the very fabric is already decoration, if monochromatic models bored and wanted to infuse diversity of the collection of underwear.