What is a Good Sleeping Pillow

What is good pillow and know which to choose? What to look for when buying a pillow to sleep? Let me tell you the difference between them and thus easier to navigate the selection of mattress Royal.
Decorative pillow may contain favorite color. Decide what is more important: quickly fall asleep or wake up easily. Depending on this, select the color of pillowcases and other bedding. Neutrals and dark shades are euthanized and bright, saturated colors, which in turn lend extra energy boost in the morning.

What is a Good Sleeping Pillow
To answer the question “how to choose the pillow”, you first need to understand what are the pillows. So pay attention to:

The length of the bag – must not be greater than the width of the mattress. Good height of the pillow does not exceed the width of a human arm (about 14-15 cm). Low pillow should be given to those who snore while sleeping. High pillow is suitable for people with high blood pressure. Try Sleepingbagsexpo for best sleeping bags.
The size of pillows and sleeping forms a rectangular or square shape. A large amount of the product is considered by 70 × 70 cm. Suitable are also the following dimensions: 50 x 70, 40 x 60 cm square bag with dimensions of 50 x 50, 40 x 40 cm.
Russian manufacturers began to focus on the European standard (mostly Italy and Spain – 50 x 70 cm). And now there are more series to such size pillowcases.
Europeans traditionally used in several size bed pillows, the same set of pillowcases included in the kit linen .
The cushions of polyurethane foam often used as a “memory effect”. Similar technology used previously only in body weight filler, which gently envelops the head while the body relax. Find out toppers.
Orthopedic pillow supports the spine and head into an anatomically correct position, remove the load from the door, not to impair blood flow to the soft tissues.
Various forms of orthopedic pillows are used in different situations if you suffer from insomnia and many other event that should be adjusted.
Orthopedic pillows turned the heat sensitive material and can adapt to the individual shape and contours of the body. Create an appropriate sleep environment with proper mattresses.
Wool pillows, unlike those with feathers can be washed; modeled hygroscopic drying independently without additional “ventilation”.
Luxurious cushions are made entirely of granulated wool, which is resistant to creasing.
Synthetic pillows are the cheapest model made of synthetic filling: polyester fiber. Sometimes, the fiber roll contains hypoallergenic properties that perfectly retain their shape. Provides free air movement. The main disadvantage due to their elasticity, which can not immediately take the convenient form.
Feather pillows – best pillows with feather fillings are not cheap. Modern feather pillow is made of unusual technology. As disadvantage of this pillow is absorbing moisture (sweat, saliva, tears). Then feather pillows can not dry out so quickly infects mites.