What are The Benefits of Strength Training

Strength is good for men and women. Many studies also show that there are several benefits to our health. This article provides a number of benefits of strength training.

What are The Benefits of Strength Training

Build muscles

Through weight training to build more muscle mass, you know that an adult who do not strength train every 10 years or 5-7 pounds muscles lose? Therefore, regular training helps to counteract the decrease in muscle mass and strength at a higher age.

Increase Metabolism

Studies show that weight training increases metabolism. With metabolism meant metabolism. A high metabolism is important to maintain a healthy weight. By increasing muscle mass, your body burns more calories that are good for your body.

Reduce Body Fat

Since weight training will increase your metabolism and burn more calories late, it helps to reduce body fat. Even if you do not exercise you burn calories your body burns at rest because too.

Increase bone density

Through strength training takes muscle and bone tissue increases. So by the same training will receive bone degeneration. This is a huge benefit for people older.

Increased uptake of glucose

Studies show that after four months of strength glucose uptake increases by 23%. Since a poor glucose uptake often results in diabetes is an increase in glucose uptake of great importance for an adult to prevent diabetes.

Youth and strength training

For young people comes more benefits:

  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Lower risk for high blood pressure
  • Less risk of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Better school performance
  • More confidence
  • Stronger bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles
  • sports Achievements
  • More resistant to damage

Exercises for the home

Printing or push up one of the most infamous sports exercise.
In fact, you are in ligsteun with your hands shoulder-width apart and feet together like a plank. From that position you drop your elbow toward the floor until your chest touches the floor.
Stand with both hands on the side of the head with your legs shoulder width apart. Bag of knees without bending your back or seemed to move, repeat this motion until the knees always makes an angle of 90 degrees.
Pull up
Acceleration way to train your biceps or back. It is an ideal exercise for strength gain. All you have to do is pull yourself up on a pole. If your hands to your targeted much more you train your biceps and your back muscles vice versa.
So why not start today with strength training?