What are Push up Leggings

You can modify our silhouette thanks to a pair of leggings? If you like? Discover today how the leggings push ups and if they are a leader who is worth buying!

Unfortunately we know that leggings are not suitable for all kinds of physical, tend to bind up the leg and bring out any imperfections. To help even those who have a physical supermodel, with the arrival of winter, like every year, will be re-launched in stores the leggings push ups. What are they and how do they work?

1. How are leggings?

The leggings appear for the first time during World War II. They were in fact used as protection for the legs by soldiers and were worn under trousers. In this period they could also be used as underwear.

In the 50s the designer Emilio Pucci is launching a line of women’s tapered and tight pants, which called just as the leggings.  These innovative pants are brought to the popular success of Audrey Hepburn wearing them repeatedly in his films.

Emilio Pucci in the 60s always draws new variants of leggings, the Viva in helanca and Shatung taut loops on the ankle so you can tighten them and make them more responsive to the legs, and capri, short fuseax model that covered the leg only up to below the knee.

At a time when the elastic fibers have begun to take hold, the leggings are starting to be used also for the sport, especially in the dance, in the skiing and gymnastics.

In the 70 Patricia Field, known costume designer and stylist, inspired by the model of Capri Emilio Pucci and creates the leggings as we wear today, adherent and tight on the ankle without the passers.

The boom of leggings but is done in the 80s, when to wear them is Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan films: from that moment began to be seen on the runways in all possible colors, thanks to the line of the British designer Liza Bruce that creates an entire line leggings fluorescent.

After a period in obscurity, the leggings are repeated in 2006 on the catwalks MaxMara combining them to long or short clothes to look is casual by day and elegant for the evening.

From 2006 onwards, the leggings have depopulated: are proposed and replicated each year from all the designers in many colors or with more and different patterns and fabrics.

2. What is the leggings push ups?

In 2013 was the brand Calzedonia to launch the first line of leggings push ups that still two years away maintain the same popularity and depopulated among women.

The promise is that of a B-side more sustained, hard and high, but how? Thanks to the seams and the type of very restraining fabric, the push-up effect is created thanks to the compression, the tissue tightens a lot of legs and buttocks  lifting them. Because of this fabric is very restraining tends to do a bit of nell indossarli fatigue, but unlike what may seem are not at all uncomfortable when worn!

3. The leggings push up work?

When you buy a pair of leggings push ups (i.e. on www.automotiveqna.com) is important to check the make and fabric: this is one of those cases where you just spend a few euro more to protect themselves. Being very restraints, if they are made ​​with cheap materials could damage your skin or too compress your legs, so as far as leggings push ups do not go to savings.

Work? Yes, as far as going to reshape and reduce the leggings push ups perform their function very well, the figure is more harmonious and slender. Obviously we can not expect miracles: surely improve the figure but to lose weight really is not enough of course, since I do not go to clear the forms, but to enhance them and contain them.