What Are Prohibited Cosmetics For Pregnant Women?

In the period of pregnancy that is nine months, many women do not give up taking care of beauty. At this stage it is important to know which cosmetics are prohibited for pregnant women.

What Are Prohibited Cosmetics For Pregnant Women

However, they should know that many things they used before becoming pregnant are banned at this stage like some cosmetics.

The skin of pregnant women tends to become more sensitive and some cosmetics may cause unexpected reactions.

Here are some components that can provoke reactions when you are pregnant.

What are the cosmetics that pregnant women can not use?

Retinoic acid creams (vitamin A) need to be avoided, especially between the 6th and 8th weeks of pregnancy, as there have been cases of congenital abnormalities related to exaggerated doses of this substance.

For pregnant women to combat stretch marks or prevent them, experts indicate the use of neutral moisturizers or natural oils, which leave the skin more elastic.

The makeup is released during gestation, as these products do not harm the fetus and still leave women more beautiful.

A very important care for pregnant women is to wash their face with warm water at least once a day and use a moderate anesthetic lotion to clean the pores. Another indicated product is a facial moisturizer.

Tips for pregnant women to use cosmetics correctly

Pregnant women need not neglect their appearance. However, they can not use all the creams they were used to because some of these products must contain substances that make the baby very bad. The tip is that before using any cosmetic in your home or before buying it, talk to your doctor and see if they have no danger of harming the fetus.

Pregnant women should be well aware of the formulations of their cosmetics, because any carelessness can lead to malformation of their child or even seriously affect their health.

It is most appropriate for pregnant women to avoid the use of cosmetics as much as possible , since they can not tell exactly what ingredients can harm a child.

Women should keep in mind that the good development and health of the baby depends on them and that no vanity can stand above the innocent being that is growing inside them.

As light as the cosmetic appears to be before using it talk to your obstetrician to see if he releases it or not. In any case, it is best not to use cosmetics during the entire period of pregnancy, thus avoiding future problems.

Therefore, pregnant women must forget some of their beauty and prioritize the life that is growing within it.

After the child is born and breastfed for at least six months or a year, the pregnant woman can return to using her beauty products.