Wedding Guest Dress Colors and Styles

You’ve been invited to a wedding but don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, because most women are having doubts in choosing the look. An important tip is to always go elegant regardless of style, time and place of the marriage. Not to take the risk of making mistakes, it’s worth betting on classical pieces because they always guarantee elegance. The dresses are the most used in look for wedding guest.

Each woman has their own style, but when choosing the outfit for a wedding, you need to choose the most appropriate for the type of ceremony and party. I selected a few tips for wedding guest to choose your dresses according to style and type of ceremony and party. Check out for the tips for inspiration in your visual!

Look for wedding guest-classic style
This style can be used both to weddings and other formal parties, because it’s like a Joker. A good suggestion to look classic is wearing a dress in neutral tones with a darker color, but much more discreet. The combination of nude with black, for example, has no error. To finish the look, the trick is to put my money on pumps or nude peep toe and a black bolero. In this case, the accessories should be more discreet.

Look elegant

The elegant look can also be used at any time. However, in daytime weddings dresses should be more cheerful and colorful. In this case, they can be printed, but without exaggeration, and should also be more sophisticated to look more like a common day to day production. Already for weddings at night the tip is betting on darker, dresses that can be embossed or have details of embroidery and glitter. In both cases, you have to be able to combine the accessories to keep the visual weight, especially if the dress is black.

Look cheerful

The look for wedding guest can also be more cheerful and fun. However, this style combines with only daytime weddings, especially if they are on the beach or in the field. To get this style, bet on dresses in cheerful hues such as yellow, pink, red and light blue. Not to take the risk of making mistakes, you can choose a flat model made from thinner fabric. Accessories can also be combined with the style of the dress.

Romantic look

The most popular look for wedding guest who comes along no doubt is the romantic. This style is charming and you don’t miss it, because the dresses are more delicate and feminine. To bet in this visual effect, pick a dress with plain print, or with delicate lace details. The lighter colors are all right such as pink, light blue and the nude. To complete the look, bet on delicate and accessories that combine perfectly with the style of the dress.

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