Wearing Fishnet Stockings

We fashion 80s wardrobe attended fishnet tights, quickly lost its popularity for unclear reasons. But everything is new, as the famous saying-it’s only forgotten old. So fishnet tights again become relevant in our time, and use them not only for evening dresses. Let’s try to figure out what to wear this is a sophisticated and original thing.

Before you buy tights with patterns, colors, eye or fancy weaves, please note that they are only suitable for owners of thin and long legs, otherwise, they only accentuate existing deficiencies.

They can bring more femininity, glamor and extravagance on your way, make it easy to break people’s hearts, but they soon spoil the image if you ask them to take the wrong clothes.If you’re a fan of romantic or classic style, stockings, fishnet, of course, will be a great addition to your image, but to combine this part of the female toilets with sporting style or some of its parts stylists are not recommended as this combination is the most obvious proof tacky From what to wear fishnet stockings?

  1. Business style. You want to look feminine in the workplace, does not go beyond what is allowed? Try to wear fishnet tights, combined with tight black pencil skirt , and you will notice how careful steel male staff. Maybe one day you will find an unexpected invitation to a romantic dinner.
  2. Evening dress. Fine transparent tights with models combine perfectly with the classic little black dress. This combination of striking elegance, it will make you insanely attractive. Try it-and see for yourself.
  3. the Daily option. Black fishnet tights can be worn with self-colored clothing in dark colors, with long pants to the ankle and a large cashmere cardigan . White tights are ideal for light monotonous things.
  1. Take tracery. It became a fashionable combination of fishnet stockings and suit with a similar model.This unusual image of the fatal beauty will make in the eyes of others and visually lengthen your legs, tights, merging with the dress in one piece, it will be a logical continuation.

Remember, fishnet tights must be in harmony not only with clothes, but shoes that must have high heels or platform, in addition, it must be expensive. The perfect combination of openwork and polished shoes, it can be placed on the fashionable this season satin, chiffon and velvet dresses.

Stars are usually the first to support innovative ideas of fashion designers, and many fans imitate them so that the original trend is spreading very quickly. So, fishnet tights or printed leggings combined with a simple black tunic were recently spotted on Victoria Beckham. Famous model Natalia Vodianova by paparazzi in fishnet pantyhose captured near trendy nightclub in London.

Several world stars wearing fishnet tights with a shirt or longslivom. But these facilities are not very relevant in everyday life, because this combination can make your way taste.

Do not wear fishnet stockings with glass and denim skirt. It looks pretty ridiculous, and could lead to the rejection of others. Note the choice of shoes, not shoes and boots Leopard, or you can take for a woman of easy virtue.

As you can see, fishnet stockings-pretty capricious thing, but the effect they bring when used correctly in your way is definitely worth it.