Waterproof Makeup

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Girls, today I will talk about waterproof makeup, the story is always the same: you go out every wonderful and produced from home in the morning. In the middle of the afternoon, when you look in the mirror the mask ran, the shadow is gone, left your skin glow and there’s no trace of lipstick.

The cosmetics industry has been doing everything to please their customers, and how the women’s routine changed, Commerce automatically had to fit so many changes, bringing with it, practicality and durability.
The woman of the 21st century, you don’t have time to be touching up makeup throughout the day, so the waterproof makeup came to help us, after all, femininity can never be aside. Tips:

Girls I use waterproof. But be careful, for presenting greater fixation, tends to be thick and may be more loaded than the common. Therefore, at the time of applying, be aware of the parts of the face, as in the areas of the eyes; Since you can mark lines.

The powder, common, can be used. “The trick is to apply also on the eyelid and pass a translucent powder before the shadow”. Noting that there are also creamy shadows that are waterproof and secure better, besides ensuring durability on hot days, plus primers specific to that region.

The textured matte dry, dull, is my favorite, considering that his durability on the lips is bigger because they are denser and your dilution with water is more difficult. Bet on it to lips colored by more time, I’m sure you will love.

To avoid false dark circles caused by the mask that melted or stained, water resistant hand thing. I know they are hard to get out, but much more resistant than others.
On the market for several good Makeup Removers, so far the best option to remove this type of mask is the two-phase makeup remover, that mixing water and oil.

I hope you enjoyed the tips >< kisses