Watches Made in Germany – Watches from Rainer Brand

Individual Watch Design From Germany

Rainer Brand is not only the small watch brand from the Unterfränkischen Heimbuchenthal near Aschaffenburg, Rainer Brand is also the creative head behind it. As clear and unambiguous as the company name, the clocks are so clearly and uniquely designed.

Rainer Brand stands for what he does: mechanical watches with a high-quality workmanship. Contemporary, or, as the proprietor expresses himself, “timeless” watches, which are unique in their formative language. Watches from Rainer Brand are not subject to any trend, they do not want to be retro or technically exaggerated. They are factually and clearly designed and reduced to the essentials, without however giving up an individual touch. In addition, there is a high demand for quality and processing.

All components are made by Brand of long-term partners from Germany and Switzerland. According to theeliteswatches, for example, cases, dials, leather straps and cases of watches are manufactured in Germany.For the components, sapphire lenses and pointers, the entrepreneur relies on suppliers in Switzerland. This allows the customer to understand exactly where each part of his watch is manufactured. Rainer Brand does not order anything, apart from the work components, from the catalog. Each part is produced exactly according to the specifications of the company owner. This ultimately explains the price of the watches, which is between 2,500 euros and 7,700 euros. For custom-made products also.

The master watchmaker mainly produces watches for the German market, but he also has a selected clientele in Japan. Its customers are like Rainer Brand itself, they attach importance to good workmanship and high quality. Great brand names are irrelevant to them. The same applies to brands, which he chooses very carefully. The watches are available at around 20 jewelers, goldsmiths and jewelers in Germany. Brand succeeds in the fact that he is directed to his taste and does not follow a mainstream. In the small village of Heimbuchenthal in Spessart development, planning and design, construction and prototyping take place. The quality control and the complete assembly of the components are also carried out there. Reworking and custom-made items as well as all service work are also carried out in the small watch box. The owner applies as much hand as he can. He is also supported by another watchmaker and three employees at the office, including his wife, Petra Anja, who is responsible for administration and marketing. In the sub-Franconian company, about 500 “timeless” watches are produced every year.

The Way To Your Own Independent Watch Brand

Rainer Brand founded his own watch brand in 1992. From 1977 to 1980 he had visited the Uhrmacherschule in Pforzheim. After successfully completing his apprenticeship as a watchmaker, he completed an additional training as an optician. But quickly he remembered his true passion: the clocks. He attended the Meisterschule in Schwenningen and after a few years of traveling in various watchmakers he followed the call to independence.According to his motto “Style is the product of quality and awareness”, Brand wanted to do what he thought fit, and produce only what he felt is beautiful. Completely independent of company and design requirements, he wanted to live out his creativity without having to report to a boss, donor or parent company. His first watch then appeared at the end of 1992 under the name Havana, which he had to rename however for legal reasons in Panama.For an agreement negotiated for the protection of Cuban cigars prohibits the designation of Havana in Germany. The complaint because of the alleged infringement of name rights gave the watchmaker, in addition to the inconvenience, a certain media attention and made the new acquaintances known in the industry. Thus watchmakers and the specialized press were attracted to him.

This was followed by the limited- edition Giro in 1995 and three years later a smaller version of Panama, the ladies’ model Sybaris. The first chronograph Carcassone appeared before the turn of the century. In this, the caliber 1352 of Lemania. A purist and, in fact, a very modern watch for Rainer Brand was launched in 2001. The square model Eccoconvinced with no visible band pushes and with angular indexes as hour markings on the dial. After Lemania only supplied the Swatch brands with calibers, Rainer Brand developed the sporty Kerala with the reliable chronograph caliber Valjoux 7750 as a replacement for the Carcassone in 2003. Two years later the collection was extended by the timelessthree-time clock Argus. These were shown with luminous-coated pointers and indexes and the applied wedge indexes typical for the brand.
For the 20th anniversary of the watch brand in 2012 Brand, with the Grande Panama, succeeded in replacing its classic, the Panama originally launched as Havana. In 2014, Rainer Brand equipped his Kerala leader model with a flyback chronograph. The Valjoux 7750 was converted by a Swiss family company from the Vallée de Joux. Only 50 copies of the Flyback chronograph are built until the limited quantity of 250 is sold out.

With the Panama take five model in 2015, it has been possible to produce a “group free” model for the first time since the takeover of Lemania by the Swatch Group. Innovative process technology is incorporated into every production step. For example, brands of colorless, hard-coated sapphire glasses set a new benchmark, and the bezel of the Panama take five is almost four times harder than classic watch material, corresponding to almost scratch-resistant. The automatic movement Technotime 738.00  with two spring housings toppt also with a Gangreserve of 120 hours.

The Rainer-Brand Dna

Typical details of the timepieces are the dials with the Azuré cut. The fine groove structure not only looks good, but also minimizes light reflections. For a number of years, Brand has also installed sapphire lenses with a special, completely colorless anti-reflective coating, which is particularly effective. Brand has found with the company Blösch from Grenchen a supplier, which offers an extremely hard glass de-coloring without the known blue tint. It also retains its high scratch resistance when coated on both sides. In addition, all leather straps are equipped with robust shark leather lining, which is breathable, washable and resistant to sweat.

About three years ago Rainer Brand changed his company logo. Earlier it was his initials, now it is a stylized owl named Aika. The owl has the advantage that, unlike the previous logo, it can be produced with only one milling head. In addition, the owl reflects the guiding values ​​of wisdom, deceleration, and attachment to nature. For the family business, sustainability is not a slogan but an actual reality. And that has been successful for over 20 years without any subsidy.