Warm White LED Icicle Christmas Lights

Also with our second of three surveys at Christmas time in 2014 was busy again matched by our Facebook fans! However, unlike our first survey round, when it was a hot head-to-head, the flying buttress-favorite of the second round was clearly settle ahead of its competitors! The very clear favorite of our Facebook fans among the Arches is….

Warm White LED Icicle Christmas Lights

….Our elaborately wrought, in a traditional style LED Holzschwibbogen “Snowman and Children”!

But not only our beautiful Lichterbogen “Snowman and Children” we congratulate, but also one of our Facebook fans. Because the one product that is elected favorites is, of course, giving away afterwards.can be happy about our LED light arch…

Thomas Igl!

Congratulations, dear Thomas Igl, and many, many thanks to all our great fans who have participated so diligently!

Our great LED light arch Wooden is at our winners certainly get a very good campsite on the windowsill or the bureau and ensure there with his atmospheric, indirect light and the elaborately crafted, fascinating winter landscape for a particularly nice Christmas atmosphere.

And do not forget: Our Christmas favorites LED lights on Listofledlights goes into the third and final round and on our blog waits a great lights system for a new owner! So do not hesitate too long, but still the same join our two Christmas sweepstakes and with luck a great, glowing profit soon call his own!