Wallpaper Decoration: Awesome Tips and Templates

The wallpaper decoration is getting louder and this is happening because the coat, which before had a high price, is increasingly affordable and has easy application and totally change the feel of any environment. Nowadays, the market offers a multitude of different models of wallpaper for home.

Tips On  How To Put Wallpaper

  1. Before you buy your wallpaper, measure all the space you want to cover with it.Calculate the m² of the total area, in this way you will be able to buy the ideal size.
  2. The application should be started at the end of the wall vertically from top to bottom.If you need glue, stick it on the wall and glue the wallpaper over. If the wallpaper is adhesive, slowly remove the protective film from the wall.
  3. After applying, check for bubbles, if any, drill with a needle to exhale and wipe over.
  4. Maintaining the wallpaper is fairly easy, but be aware of the manufacturer’s specifications.There are wall papers for home that ask for a damp cloth and others where a dry cloth is enough for cleaning.
  5. The decoration with wallpaper is part of the design of all the environments of the house, we can find wallpaper for living room, wallpaper for kitchen, wallpaper for bedroom and even toilet paper.This type of material in the decoration allows to give a new face to the environment, quickly and without doing much dirt.
  6. The technology of this type of coating is developing fast, allowing the wallpaper to visually imitate other types of coatings.In addition, it is increasingly resistant to changes in temperatures and inclement weather, which allows it to be applied in different environments such as the bathroom and outside area.
  7. Here are some tips on how to choose theperfect wallpaper

To inspire you and help you choose the home wall decor, we have prepared a gallery with different environments decorated with wallpaper. Check it!