Wall Stickers Conservation and Maintenance

To keep it always well presentable and make it last much longer, just pass a clean damp cloth (almost dry) once a month on it, so it will always be free of dust and dirt, and will last longer.

Important tip: while the damp cloth, take great care so that it does not raise “pods”, because if that happens, these “tips” will lose the glue and the sticker will last less time.

If the adhesive wall is well applied and well maintained can last from 3 to 5 years or even more.


Effective way to remove

If you want to remove or change the sticker, here’s a step by step and some effective tips to help you at the time of removal:


  • Hair dryer
  • Clean cloth dampened with water and mild detergent

Step 1:

Pass for a few seconds, hot air with the blow-dryer on the adhesive.

By passing hot air on the adhesive, adhesive glue soften and make it easier to take.


Step 2:

While you spend the hot air with a hand, go taking the wall sticker with your other hand, calmly and always very close to the wall.

Remove the tips to the center of the adhesive, and the finer pieces to the wider. Do it again with tips from http://www.franciscogardening.com/famous-persons-wall-stickers/.

Important tip: avoid the use of other tools or objects in time to remove the adhesive so you don’t damage the wall.


Step 3:

After you have removed all the adhesive, gently pass a clean, damp cloth with neutral detergent and water to remove any residue that stay on the wall.


Other information:

If your wall is painted with acrylic paint and adhesive is has long since applied it, Peel wall may occur at some points in time of the withdrawal.

In this case, try to warm up a little over the adhesive with the hair dryer to soften the glue a little more and not decortication – both – the wall.

And if the wall peel – a lot – even then, the solution is to pass one or two coats evenly over the whole wall.

Note: the adhesive wall is unique, because it loses the grip once removed from the wall, thus cannot be reapplied.


Other interesting options

Custom stickers:

If by chance you don’t find a sticker that you like or that has the ideal size for the space where you want to place, know that there are companies that manufacture wall stickers for custom kitchen.

Just get in touch with specialized companies that make custom stickers, and inform all the details about how you want or need you your is adhesive.

Search in your city or on the internet, surely you will find at your disposal, companies that do this kind of work!

Extra Tip: contact with several specialized companies, and ask for budgets without commitment, so you can choose the company that more worth making a request. But always remember to check if the company is really reliable and of good quality.


Adhesive panels:

If you want to fill an entire wall (or part), a great option is to use a panel adhesive.

The panels are adhesive stickers in formats – well – large, custom-made to cover an entire wall (or part of one).

Interesting information: Some companies manufacture using the digital printing method which provides an adhesive with high-quality images (photo quality).

Important tip: the application of this type of adhesive should be made only on surfaces that are well prepared and with manpower of professionals in the field, or someone with some experience in applying wall stickers, so will avoid major mistakes or even the loss of the product, since the application is a bit more difficult.