Vulcain: The grille of the President

Has without any doubt Vulcain has marked the history of the alarm clocks. Already in 1947 the manufactory presented the legendary clock calibre cricket – to german: cricket. The name was chosen with care, because the sound of the alarm function in fact somewhat reminiscent of the sound of a cricket. Numerous celebrities have lapsed since this unusual clock. Almost every American President had a classic cricket in his possession so that the alarm was called soon “President watch” by Watch fans.

Vulcain: the heritage Presidents’ watch

2011 presents the heritage Presidents’ Vulcain watch as a limited edition. It is a replica that has remained true to the original and still has the latest technical innovations. It is equipped with the legendary cricket caliber V-10, has 18 000 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 42 hours. The movement has two barrels, one for the time measurement, the other for the wake-up function, which purrs with 20 seconds alarm duration longer, than most mechanical competitors.

Was made from a combination of Rosé gold and stainless steel, the ur-grille the heritage Presidents’ watch is, but in the pure stainless steel version available in steel costing 3970 euro. The Gold version is available for 6740 euros. Both variants are manufactured in an edition of 500 copies. The watch is fitted with a Sapphire Crystal back. On request you get available also a bolted double bottom, which is closer to the original. There are two versions with an anthracite – or silver-tone dial. The original dimensions of the case were about being retained. The diameter is now 39 millimeters instead of 38 mm