Vivo Will Most Expensive Broadband With Unlimited Franchise

After a strong campaign of users rejecting the changes Vivo in relation to consumption threshold in fixed broadband, Vivo stated late on Friday (15), post on Facebook, details of how will be the company’s plans in the application franchise to subscribers of Vivo and Vivo Internet Fixed fiber.


The operator says that broadband contracts established after February 2016 for ADSL or April 2016 for fiber optic connections have, in promotional character, unlimited franchise. Although the regulations disclose that the “promotion” ends on December 31, 2016, Vivo said in a statement that there is no provision for the application of limits.

Vivo also said it will offer “since more affordable plans to unlimited plans.” To date, no option of extra or additional franchises was not disclosed, but the information that there will be an unlimited option is very welcome. Unfortunately, the prices were not informed – remains hope that the value is not equivalent to a dedicated link with price jumping to the thousands of real and inaccessible to most people.

Meanwhile, users are protesting on social networks against change. Several YouTube channels with large audience made a chain with the hashtag #InternetJusta with videos explaining the model problems adopted by operators in Brazil and parodies of the new commercial Vivo. Negative reactions handily surpass all positive mentions in the post Vivo on Facebook.