Vintage Satchel Handbags

The folder is a bag without tempo.Reinventata and made fashion becomes a must must-have.

Our mothers used the leather folder to go to school and perhaps never would have imagined that it would become a must, reinterpreted by many designers and available in all colors and all possible fantasies.

What are the characteristics of this vintage bag unquestionably (or most) of the day? The folder has the advantage of being quite spacious and is characterized by the two straps that close and sometimes from the label holder which served to indicate the name of the owner, the taste definitely vintage.

The beauty is that there’s something for all tastes.
Let’s start with the most classic: English is obviously the folder for excellence or the Cambridge Satchel .It ‘made by hand and not only can you choose the size, according to our needs, but also the color, from yellow mimosa to the metallic fluo . Very sparkling. The internetages Satchel can also be customized with your initials so as to become a unique and very personal.

Vintage Satchel Bag

You do not want to squander your wallet then bets on the folder that proposes Chamomile for this autumn winter in four colors: taupe, blue, green and black .There is only to choose.

For those, however, he wants something more witty why not bet on a vezzosa polka dot folder? E ‘for sale on Amazon UK and it’s good enough for very young girls for whom the classical folder would be perhaps too serious. For fashionistas, finally, there will be spoiled for choice.  Mulberry , historic British brand, has made ​​the folder its iconic bag and gave the It girl name for excellence: Alexa (Chung) .

The Alexa is among the most popular handbags always because it is simple, practical and classic, in a word, timeless. The rock instead love the Proenza Schouler PS1 ie, a revised folder in every detail and made modern and fashion.

Electric, yellow blue, black very dark, these are just a few of the colors that over the years the House has proposed, and there’s more, for those who want to the folder even in the evening Proenza Schouler succeed also proposes clutch version, because even a busy night like this can be easy.  The folder is a handy bag can be easily matched, trendy, as well as battle  short, what every woman wants.