Vintage Inspiration Style

Everything new is well forgotten old.Particularly with regard to the fashion.

Vintage Inspiration Style

At the moment, as we all already know, the industry made a big turn at all what we used to call “classic”.

I’m not sure what exactly prompted fashion designers, stylists and dictators Take a look at the magnificent style of classical icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marlene, but it is a fact happen and that pleases me even more than necessary.

Perhaps this is a natural reaction of (and against) with avremennite role models, who are anything but not sexy.

Or maybe just a delight are remembered times when women were woven oh so pure femininity, and men could still boast of their glorious dzhentalmensttvo.

And so today we decided to recall the style of the classic text, which actually is the hottest-date now.

But this is about much more than passionate curls and beautiful dresses. This is about the true feminine figure, memorable manners, exquisite behavior. What is now rare.

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