Vintage Fashion Through Its Concept And Functionality

by: Miroslava Landeros

Alexia Ulibarri is fashion through its concept and functionality. After forming as a designer at The London College of Fashion, Marangoni and some courses at Central Saint Martins, he returned to Mexico in 2008 looking for generating a brand with which to identify itself to today’s woman.

So far he has fused together stories, personal and work experiences with time, art, technology, forms, and all kinds of matter, causing a process of experimentation, which herself recreates it. This time presented his collection fall-winter Chateleine, which surely will be one of the most wanted by women love to look elegant and feminine, this was how I present his proposal with a sold-out.

PM: Tell us what what you will present this season
AU: This collection is called Chateleine is inspired by two waves of female liberation, leading first is 18th century and then the 60s is the contrast of two strong women, is called Chateleine that ancient women used, like a belt where they carried all their tools, that is the emblem of the collection, which is a tribute to women , that no matter what tools to use, for in the past. In dreams, love and desire to grow, managed to mark differences in their times, then it is the contrast of these two women, the old and the sesentera, then there are many colors of grape, jade, ochre, green, wine, yellow in low tones.

PM: Talk to us about silhouettes
AU: They are twenty-five very sowing very straight, simple in the end contrasted slightly with this Victorian Court, aglobados but very subtle, we see two prints that we also carry this old woman, who is the Chateleine and there are prints of cameos that are also developed for the collection.

PM: that fabric did you use?
AU: I used Fox, suede, corduroy, gauze, flowers, tulle, brocades and pancakes very sixties.

PM: is how you start the creative process for Alexia?
AU: Well it comes from personal experiences of dreams of things that happen to people close to me from day to day and stories.

PM: which style of music selected for this collection?
AU: Sixties, is precisely because of that I wanted to be transported to the public at this time, of echo the models walking more relaxed than what is customary, the makeup completely twiggy and totally romantic hairstyle for contrast.

PM: what style Alexia Ulibarri?
AU: Very feminine, strong and vintage

PM: how you like to dress Alexia?
AU: To my I like to be comfortable, but always marking a style and very feminine

PM: what is the Mercedes for Alexia?
AU: I think it is a great platform, that has unified Mexican fashion, through mercedes, we have had great achievements for example leave in vogue Italy, we have succeeded in being a country with fashion and now we can talk about that we are a team.

PM: when to start in the design?
AU: I formally started to study at the age of seventeen and began to design to the 23

PM: what is what you can expect as a spectator at your parade people?
AU: You’ll see a shot of color, they are still not subdued colors but if Matt could never use bright colours, that style is very nostalgic, but there is a bit of color, the cuts are straight is more commercial in the end prints, accessories that were developed for the collection and think that the public is going to feel more identified without losing the magic of the end dresses

PM: Next plans of Alexia
AU: I’ll be in London for the coming season I was invited, as continue introducing me and people I start taking as part of his life

PM: Where can we find your clothes
AU: I have a showroom in Mariano Escobedo No. 543 served by date in my page web can do it is also you can talk or by Internet you can also buy in page, around the Republic.

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