Vintage Coral Bead Necklace

And around the neck … and around the wrist … and therefore this vintage coral necklace also fits

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HD Berlin Design Jewelry

The chain is an heirloom of my mother. Dating back to the late 1960s or early 1970s. I let her bring up new with new closure and pearl knotting technique several years ago. The node technology with a knot each bead I have chosen, so that she gets this length. In very briefly I would not wear.

My two new bands by Sence Copenhagen that your here and here could you see already have brought me to the idea of wearing the coral as a bracelet, as a chain, the vintage jewel at VintagesFinder is just too boring for me. In very short chains that does not work with me in the length, because they then only 2.5 times fit around the wrist. But in this one folds perfectly. I’m sure that I’ll still often wear this summer so, because the little, red blouse by H & M I like like to wear in the summer for many years.

That the nice older nail polish essie chubby cheeks as good fits to, I found only on the weekend. On Saturday night I had the coral as a bracelet to the new lace dress to go out.